Sunday, March 26, 2023

Free Canadian Coins and Bills Poster and Slide Learning Set

 Free Canadian Coins and Bills Poster and Slide Learning Set

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Learning all about money can be fun for kids - but it can sometimes be difficult to find resources that teach how to use Canadian currency. I made these slides and posters for my own kids and hope that they'll help you in your classroom or homeschool too!

Included in this freebie, you'll find a link to the google slides version, or a pdf version that you can print. Every page shows an illustrated picture of the coin or bill, shows its worth and how to count while using it. Hanging these up can be really handy when kids are just learning to count money.

I've also made sure to include equal amounts on each page - for example, showing that a 20-dollar bill is worth twenty dollars, but it is also worth 2000 cents. 

I made sure to include information about the good ol' penny too. This page is a quick introduction, while a later page goes into more detail about why we don't use pennies in Canada anymore.

This slide or poster shows why the nickel is the smallest amount of Canadian money that you can hold in your hand. It tells kids why Canada stopped making pennies, and how inconvenient it would be for us to still use them today.

I also made sure to include pages about how to write out dollars and cents. This is another handy poster you can keep on the wall as a reminder. Below, I also made pages showing how you can use different coins and bills to build the same amount of money.

You can download this free unit below. All I ask is that when sharing the digital resource, please share the link to this blog and NOT the google doc. When sharing the printed resource, please share it for FREE and leave my website address remaining in the corner. Thank you and enjoy!

Download the free Canadian money unit here

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