Sunday, March 26, 2023

Quebec History Mystery: New France Around 1745 - Who Lived There?

Quebec History Mystery 18
Who lived in New France around 1745?

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I'm happy to bring you another Quebec history mystery for grades 3 and 4!

This unit focuses on the people who lived in New France around 1645 - the seigneurs, censitaires, filled du roi, and more!

As always these free history printables come with easy-to-use QR codes for research. The QR codes are numbered and lead to pages on the Learn Quebec website. Here, students can research and find the answers to the questions inside the unit.

It also includes a handy list of progressions of learning that the unit covers. If you need help following those, be sure to grab my free Quebec progression of learning lists here.

I've made sure to label the comprehension pages with which QR codes to use to find the answers too - a new addition I thought many would find useful!

The questions are made with third and fourth-graders in mind, keeping answers short and to the point to show what they have learned. They made a great addition to a learning portfolio to show what your child is learning about in social studies.

You can download this free unit by clicking on the link below. All I ask is that when sharing the unit you share the link to this page, not the google drive directly. If you'd like to share the printed resource for FREE you are welcome to as well, as long as my website address remains in the corner on the pages it is on. Thank you and enjoy learning!

Download the Free Quebec History Mystery 18 Here

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