Thursday, March 2, 2023

History Mystery 16: New France Around 1645 Government and Important People

New France Around 1645 Government and Important People

 Welcome to another Quebec History Mystery! Want to catch up on other units? See them all here!

Your learners have learned all about the people living, working, and trading in New France around 1645. now it's time for them to learn all about the government - in other words, the king of France!

In this unit, kids will cover the last few progressions under the first section of the Geography, History and Citizenship Education progressions for elementary cycle 2 (grades 3 and 4). These include learning about the government, the company, the engage, as well as some important people in Quebec's history.

As always this unit comes with a list of progressions covered (use my progression checklist to keep track!) and some easy-to-use QR codes for simple research using the very awesome Learn Quebec website.

I have also included some simple comprehension questions to show your child's learning in portfolios and to review what you've read on the website. Sometimes my kids and I like to use these after we've read, other times we like to use them as a sort of scavenger hunt with the QR codes, combing the pages for information.

As always, you can choose to have your learners answer the questions in writing, orally, or have them dictate their answers to you while you write. 

To cover the progression that includes naming important people in new France around this time, I've included a very simple project in this unit. This includes writing about two ways certain people were important to the history of Quebec around this time. There are 4 different options to choose from and I have included sheets to make it easy and polished looking too!

These 'VIPs' include Jeanne Mance, Samuel de Champlain, Laviolette and de Maisonneuve - names listed in the progressions, but also names your kids might be familiar with from signs around town.

Download the free history unit below!

You can download this free unit by clicking on the link below. It will take you to a google drive file - simply click on the download or print icon in the corner to use it! All I ask is that when sharing this unit online to please give out the address to this blog post or blog, NOT the google link. It helps support my blog and it keeps traffic on the link low for everyone. Thank you and enjoy learning!

*Please feel free to share unlimited printed copies of this unit for FREE so long as my website address remains in the corners*

Download the FREE History Mystery 16 Here

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