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Quebec History for Grades 5-6! Historical Expeditions Unit 1 - Canada Around 1820

Quebec History for Grades 5-6! Historical Expeditions Unit 1 - Canada Around 1820

 Want to see the units for grades 3-4 or other units in this series? Check out my History Page or Quebec Homeschool site!

I am SO excited to be bringing you this all-new, FREE Quebec-aligned history curriculum for grades 5-6 (elementary cycle 3). One of my kiddos will be in this cycle next year and I'm really excited for her to use this - as well as all of your kids and students!

Just like my Quebec History Mysteries for grades 3-4, this program makes completing the required Quebec history curriculum simple, straightforward, and quick. It allows you and your kids to go at your own pace, and dive deeper into topics you love while getting the rest done.

And since these units are especially for slightly older kids, they have a few more options...

Work Digitally or Offline

For kids in grades 5-6, working more independently is usually a great option, especially if you have other younger kids you need to work with during the day too. These Quebec Expeditions will come in a folder with many options - print OR digital, OR a combo of both!

In the completely digital option, kids can use their Navigation Compass page to answer questions. These compass pages take them to the very awesome LEARN Quebec site that contains all of the information they need to know to fulfill the progressions. They can then show what they have learned by answering questions using Google slides. This allows them to not only work independently but to take the time to explore the Learn QC site more if they wish.

Another option would be to use the included informational texts, which can be printed or projected onto a screen. They can then read the text and fill in their answers. If you don't wish them to use the link at all, you can simply delete the slide that contains the links.

Then there is the printable option!

Here, kids can work completely offline and use only the included informational texts and the printable student answer sheets. You could also allow them to use the links included, but just fill out their answers on paper if they prefer - it's totally up to you and your student(s) to choose how to use this program!

Making Quebec History Motivating

In my Quebec History Mysteries for grades 3-4 I included a reward badge system. Kids collected badges for every unit they completed. In this program, kids will collect pieces of a map. Once they have completed all of grade 5 and 6 units, they will complete their map!

Every map piece contains a title showing the period they have studied as well as a photo or picture from that time. This is a great way to remember everything they have learned and to keep track of their completed units. It's also very motivating! These are also included in both printable and digital formats.

Quebec Progression of Learning Aligned

Whether you're a homeschool parent or a classroom teacher, you no doubt have had to deal with this huge document at some time. While it can seem overwhelming if you've never looked at it before, I can assure you it's pretty straightforward once you get to know it ;) TO make it even simpler to navigate, I've included a  list of all of the progressions that each unit will cover. You can use this to keep track of all of the progressions, or you can use my printable checklist found here alongside this list to check off everything you've covered.

However you choose to use these units, I hope you and your learners enjoy them, and that they make learning history just a little easier and more interesting! The Google drive link below will take you to a folder including all of the options you'll need to use.

For the Google Slides option, simply click on the link included in the document to make a copy of the slide for yourself. These slides will give you everything you need. 

For the printable option, just click on the document, save a copy for yourself, and print it out.

**You may share or print this unit for FREE so long as my website remains on every slide and page and my website pages in the back remain as well. You may NOT sell these products - I made them with the intention of making them accessible for everyone, no matter their budget. Let's keep it that way!**

Enjoy your learning - click the link below to access!

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