Friday, March 17, 2023

Free Counting to 10 Apple Math Center and Craft

 Free Counting to 10 Apple Math Center and Craft

Have you ever tried to get preschoolers or kindergarteners interested in counting? It can be a challenge! That's why I hope that these Count, Craft & Learn! Centers will help you - whether you're a classroom teacher or a homeschooler!

Included in these free centers are a few elements. You can pick and choose what you'd like to use in your own classroom. The important thing here is that kids are learning to associate the symbol of a number with the meaning of a number of objects - and they're learning to count too!

The first thing you'll find is an apple tree mat with a place for counting cards on the side. The cards that go with it feature two important things - a number and a ten frame representing that number.

Kids can use the included apple counters, or you can use the counters you have on hand. They will choose a card, put it on the mat, then count out that many apples on the tree. Alternatively, you could also put a random amount of apples on the tree and have them find that matching number card.

The next element adds a bit of fun to your lesson or center time. It is some very cute clipart of apple-picking kids. After counting out their apples, kids can use these pieces to 'pick' the apples. Adding a playful element like this to centers for this age always makes the lesson so much more memorable.

Finally, there is a craft. Kids will glue any amount of apples (up to 10) onto a tree and write that number.

I have also included a bonus page for kids to practice tracing numbers - this can help a lot if they don't know how yet!

You can download this freebie by clicking on the link below. All I ask is that when sharing this resource, to please share this link to my blog, NOT the Google Drive link. You may share copies of this paper resource for FREE so long as my website name remains on the resource pages it is included on.

Thank you and ENJOY learning and teaching!

Download the FREE Apple Math Center Here

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