Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Quebec History Mystery 17: New France Around 1745

 Quebec History Mystery 17: New France Around 1745

It's time to dive into another history mystery! This one starts our newest journey into New France around 1745. Want to see other units? Check out my history page!

We read about the beginnings of what would later become the province of Quebec in the last few units. This unit will bring your learners 100 years ahead to New France circa 1745. This first unit will dive into the territory, the population, how the land was divided among seigneurs and colonists, and how villages were formed. It covers plenty of progressions too!

As with all of my other history units, this one includes QR codes or links to make research super easy. All of these links lead to Learn QC, a safe and simple site for kids to navigate and read all about Quebec history! The reading is short and to the point so that you don't have to spend looking up information.

I have also included a list of progressions covered in the unit. You can use my free progression checklists to make certain you've got most of those covered too - using all of my units together will cover them all!

Inside the unit you will also get some free comprehension questions. You could use these in the traditional way of researching with your child and having them write the answers down, or you could answer them orally together. I always try to include questions I know wouldn't be too challenging for a 3rd or 4th grader - having had a few in my own homeschool I know that oftentimes workbooks use really challenging language for this age group.

These worksheets can be used to show learning in portfolios too!

I always also include maps and charts that might be useful to your learner(s), especially if they have trouble focusing on these charts on the computer screen (like one of mine does!)

You can download this free unit by clicking the download link below - the one in big letters :)
All I ask is that when sharing this resource you do NOT share the google link but a link to this blog. You may distribute FREE copies of this unit as well so long as my website remains on the page (messybeautifulfun.com) Thank you!

Need to keep track of which progressions you've covered? Use my checklists below!

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