Friday, April 15, 2022

Basketball Rounding: A Fun and Free Editable Math Center


You can download this free resource by scrolling down!

Last week I posted a simple rounding math aid that you can use in your classroom to help kids remember when to round a number up or down. You can see that Rainbow Rounding center here.

Today, I'm sharing a NEW rounding activity with you - with a fun basketball theme! This can be used as a game, a center, or a busy folder. It's an easy way to help learners practice rounding numbers (to any place value - tens, ones, hundreds, etc.) and best of all it's EDITABLE!

Inside this unit, you'll find two pages featuring basketball nets that say "Rounds Up" and "Rounds Down". Kids will need to take the numbered balls and 'dunk' them into the proper baskets. You could even hang them on some big laundry baskets or bins and make it into a game!

One page of this center is editable too! That means that you can open it up and type your own numbers onto the basketballs. You can do this is an unlimited number of times, typing, printing, then erasing and typing again!

I have also included a recording sheet where students can record their answers. This is especially handy when using this during center rotations in a classroom, or when using it as a math center in a small group or one-on-one setting.

You can download this freebie below! Please just be sure to share THIS page when sharing this resource, and not the direct google link! It helps support my blog and gives me more time to make wonderful resources like these!