Monday, March 6, 2023

Free Phonics CVC Word Mats Construction Theme


Free Phonics CVC Word Mats Construction Theme

I am slowly putting together a phonics program. Please feel free to download these free resources while I make them! TO see more, visit the phonics page on my blog here!

Download This Free Phonics set by clicking the link under the last image below. The images show what is included in this unit...

Phonics mats CVC recording sheets - Kids can use these to write the words they learn to read while using the mats.

The mats include all CVC short vowel word families - they're the easiest thing to begin with after your child has learned their letter sounds. Start by belding together the ending (ahhhh-t, for example). once your child can do this, add on the beginning letter. (rrrrrr-ahhhhhh-t  - rat!)

Kids will use the beginning letter tiles to build words. I have also included some fun trucks they can use to transport their letters, just like it's a real construction site. A little bit of play always makes learning so much more fun - and memorable!