Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Free Science Journal 11: Seasons Science for Grades k-2

Free Science Journal Seasons For Elementary Learners

I have an all-new science journal for you all! This one is the eleventh in this series for levels k through 2nd grade! You can see all of the other science journals on THIS PAGE.

Learning about the seasons with this age group can be so much fun! Going outside every season and exploring the plants, trees, and animals is a wonderful way to introduce kids to the way the seasons work. This journal makes a great companion to that, giving simple explanations for the reasons why seasons change, and giving you simple worksheets to show your child's learning!

One of my favourite ways to experience the science of the seasons with my own kids has always been to sketch the trees all throughout the year. In this unit, I have included a tree sheet for each season, so that your kiddos can do the same!

I have also included plenty of simple worksheets that you can add that cover the progressions of learning, while not putting too much pressure on your little ones to write or give long-winded explanations. On many of these pages, kids simply need to draw and label things, and I've given space for them to dictate what they would like to explain to an adult who writes for them, or for them to write themselves if they can.

There are also some lovely color photos as well as tiny cute cliparts that your children can enjoy coloring in. Although Canada is mentioned in this unit, you can change the wording with a pen or just explain where in the world you live on the Earth rotation pages.

This unit also includes a favourite poem of ours for summertime (extra ELA! woot!)...

I really hope you and your learners enjoy this unit as much as the others I have published for free here!
Please feel free to tag me on Instagram (@debbiejeanmcmullen) if you do use these units - I'd love to see what your kiddos or classes come up with!

Download the free unit below...

Download the Free Science Unit Here