Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Free Science Journal 2: Mixtures with Matter!

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 Mixtures! What kid does not love mixing up their own potions and 'recipes'. I know all of mine have always loved it! In fact, after making this journal I cannot wait to use it with my own kiddos too.

Mixtures are an important part of the K-2 science curriculum. Introducing kids to the concept of mixtures is not only a ton of fun but allows them to recognize that there are many different mixtures in the world - not just the ones we make ourselves!

DO your kids love mud puddles? A mud puddle is a great example of a mixture! Dirt and water come together to form a muddy mix that little feet and hands just seem drawn to. After the water evaporates, the dirt and water separate again - amazing!

Of course, there are the mixtures we make every day. Pouring milk into cereal, mixing up a salad dressing, baking a cake - all of these are examples of mixtures that you can point out to your child/learner.

Teaching our kids about mixtures also helps set them up for a deeper understanding of the science behind them later on. For example, in the journal an experiment has kids mixing rocks or blocks with water, then mixing salt or sugar with water. Kids can see that the salt will dissolve, but the blocks and rocks will stay. Awesome! At this age, there is no need to explain more - unless, of course, your learner(s) want to! 

But later on, when they are older and looking more closely at mixtures and changing matter, they can use their previous knowledge of mixtures to help them come up with questions and experiments.

I have included a few simple explanation posters and activities in this science journal. I have also included something I am so excited to share with my youngest - a mixture recipe book!

If you are a homeschooler or teacher in Quebec, this unit will help cover the progression in Science and Technology under Material World - Matter - Mixtures.

You can read more about that on my Quebec homeschool page!

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