Thursday, May 7, 2020

Free Star Wars Printable Multiplication Posters For Fun Math Practice

I think we all remember learning those dreaded multiplication facts in second and third grade. And while it is a necessary part of math, plain old flashcards and worksheets can get a little bit boring for kids to repeatedly practice with after a while.

So, to make this part of math a little bit more fun for my middle child, I made these Star Wars-themed multiplication fact posters and cards!

They're definitely full of color and characters that all Star Wars fans love, but best of all (for us teachers, anyhow) they're full of multiplication facts.

I have included a few different sizes in this set too, from full-page posters to half-page cards and even small pocket-sized cards. You could print all of them out as a complete set, or just the sizes you need. I also love the smaller sized posters for saving on ink and paper.

You could also use these posters digitally, on an iPad, phone, or computer screen. I love to cast my computer screen onto our TV and practice them like that too - and the kids love that!

We have been using the medium-sized posters as a booklet. I laminated all of the pages and bound them, but you could just print them out and staple them as well. We practiced our multiplication this way today by first saying the times' tables on each page out loud, then covering the answers with a piece of paper for practice.

However you decide to use these free posters, I hope you and your little mathematicians enjoy them. Also that they make math at least a little bit more tolerable!

You can download the free posters directly from Google Drive below - no signups or info required ;) Also be sure to check out my free printable Balloon Multiplication Pack Here

Directly from Google Drive (just click the download icon in the corner)
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