Saturday, January 27, 2024

Great Than, Less Than, or Equal to Gators!

 Teaching the greater than, less than, and equal to symbols can seem a bit confusing for some learners at first! In this unit, students get introduced to the symbols with fun gators, then progress to using correct symbols and language.

Take a look inside this unit and find out how to grab your own copy below!

Teaching Through Hands-On Activities

If there is one thing we all know as educators, it's that hands-on playtime fun is important for little ones! Being able to interact with and manipulate things while learning is an important part of development for kids of any age.

Inside this unit, you'll find some very cute hungry gators and some tasty fish to feed them with. Your learners will take two fish discs (that come either numbered or not) and decide which gator should go between them - the greater gator, less gator, or equal to gator disc.

Playdough Mat Fun!

Playdough is another great manipulative that I know many of us love to use during math class. What better way to get kids using that hand-to-mind connection (with some bonus fine motor work!) while doing their math. 

This set comes with 3 playdough mats featuring different gators. Kids can build playdough fish to show an equal/not equal example.

Worksheets for Desk Time

This set comes with 7 different worksheets featuring different levels of skill for differentiation and progression. They include:

  • A cut & paste worksheet (paste the correct gators between the fish)
  • A dot or color worksheet to color the number the gator should eat (or not eat)
  • A tracing worksheet to practice tracing the symbols
  • 2 Different worksheets where students must draw the symbols (one with numbers to ten, one with numbers to 20)
  • Build a snack worksheet (students draw fish on either side of the gators - this goes great with the playdough mats!)

This unit also features 9 different posters that can be used at different times or together. They feature either the gators or the traditional symbols. This is a great way to show students the similarities between the symbols and the gators mouths. 

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