Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Free Printable Letter Matching Worksheets At The Apple Orchard

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If there is one thing my kids look forward to every year, it's a trip to the apple orchard we love so much. It's actually a super fun place - there's apple picking obviously, but there's also 3 huge playgrounds, farm animals and a wonderful restaurant (with bar and apple gin included!).

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So when I was trying to think of some fun themes for new worksheets for my youngest, apples were on my mind! She's 4 now and still has a bit of trouble distinguishing between some of the uppercase and lowercase letters, particularly the similar ones like ''b' and 'd' (whyyyyyyy did they make them like that!)

So to help her along I made these Uppercase and Lowercase letter matching sheets with a fun apple orchard theme - and of course, I'm going to share them with you. I'm nice like that.😎

You can print out just the letters your child struggles with a little, or print them all out and go through one per day or week. My daughter loves to color them in first (as you can see, some quite a lot!Also, her arm...) and help to cut them out with her little scissors. After cutting them out, you glue the letters on the appropriate tree - capitals on the capital tree, lowercase on the lowercase tree.

It's simple and requires no prep at all, just print and go! Click on the link below to download.
*And just a note - please feel free to share these free worksheets! But when sharing please link to this page, not the direct download page. Thank You!*