Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Animal Adaptations Science Free Journal Unit

 Animal Adaptation Free Printable Science Curriculum

I think it is a pretty universal rule that every kid loves learning about animals! They can be cute or creepy, funny or interesting - and they're all around your neighbourhood. The animals that is, - not necessarily the kids ;)

In this unit, your science explorers will learn all about animal adaptations and how they are useful. They will learn the difference between behavioural and structural adaptations, experiment with blubber, and show their learning with simple worksheets.

The first part of this unit includes 6 pages of simple explanations about what adaptations are and the different kinds that exist. Kids will look at behavioural ones like migration and hibernation, as well as structural adaptations like mimicry and shells.

Then, students will be able to show what they have learned using the included worksheets. They'll write about two different adaptations and how they help the animals that use them. If your kids don't feel comfortable writing you can always have them dictate their answers to you while you write, or type their answers then print them out and glue them onto the answer space. 
The second worksheet includes some simple comprehension questions to show what they have learned and are mostly cut-and-paste answers. Perfect for these grade levels!

Finally, a super fun experiment is included in this unit! Kids will get to play with some water in a container (what kid doesn't love that!) and discover how blubber keeps animals like polar bears and whales warm. It's a simple experiment that requires just a few simple kitchen tools and some vegetable shortening. It also includes space for kids to make a hypothesis and conclusion.

You can download this free unit by clicking on the link below.
Please feel free to share the link to this blog post, my science page, or my Quebec Homeschool Blog if you'd like to share this unit. Please DO NOT share the google drive link.
You may also share paper copies for FREE as long as my website address remains on the pages.

Enjoy being scientists!