Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Quebec History Mystery 20 - What People Did in New France 1745

 Quebec History Mystery 20 

What People Did in new France 1745

Ready for the next history mystery? We're up to number 20 now and almost done with cycle 2! See the rest of the units for this cycle and more on the History resources page!

In this final unit detailing life in New France around 1745, kids will learn all about what people did - for work, for fun, and how they get around.

As always this unit comes with super simple QR codes to use for research. Although this unit has a few more than usual, the texts are all very short and to the point. You could spread it out over a week, or even a few! With just 3 more units to go for cycle 2 elementary, you'll have no trouble spreading out all 3 units over 2 years of learning!

The unit also comes with a handy list of progressions that it covers. You can use my free progression checklists to keep track of all of the history progressions for cycle 2 too!

You'll also get simple sheets with comprehension questions on them. There is one sheet for QR code to make sorting through research even easier. I've also included answer sheets for you to use to check your learner's work afterward.

As with all of my other units, there is also a few pages of maps, charts, and diagrams that you can use in your home or classroom to help students remember what they have learned.

You can download this FREE unit by clicking on the link below. You may share the link to this blog to share the digital version of this unit, or you can share paper copies for FREE so long as my website address remains on the pages. Let's keep required learning simple and accessible to all. Thank you!

Download the Free Quebec History Mystery Here