Sunday, August 14, 2022

Free Science Journal: Water in my World

 Free Science Journal Water Sources

Water is something that is so important for us and all of the other living things on our planet. That's why it's so important for us to teach our kids about what a precious resource it is and exactly where it comes from. Getting water from the tap or a bottle is something many of us take for granted, and our children might too. I know I do! Showing kids that the water we have in our homes comes from a freshwater source can help them understand more about our world and make them great stewards of the lovely water we have.

This science journal was made with cycle 1 kiddos in mind (grades 1-2), but of course, it can be used by any age group! It covers the progression of learning "Identifies natural sources of water (brooks, lakes, rivers) and natural sources of salt water (seas, oceans). Depending on where you live in the world, that might be worded differently in your curriculum requirements, but most elementary science curriculums do require kids to know about water sources.

There are some simple worksheets in this science journal to help cover the basics - and there is also a really fun project! Kids will learn about saltwater sources, freshwater sources, and man-made water sources.

As in all of my other free science journals, I have included simple explanations. If you find your kiddos really interested in a topic, feel free to slow down and explore it further with youtube videos, library books, and other units too! 

To download this free science journal, click the link below the image:

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Download Water Sources Science Journal Here