Sunday, February 5, 2023

Quebec History Mystery 14 - New France Fur Trade and Farming Around 1645

 New France Fur Trade and Farming Around 1645

Welcome to another Quebec history unit! See all the others on this page

In the last few units students began to learn all about New France and the early European colonists started to change the land and way of life in this part of the world.

In this unit, we will dive into how and why the settlers farmed, and learn about the beginnings of the fur trade and the coureurs de bois.

As with all of our Quebec history mysteries, you'll find it a very simple and straightforward unit - you can go deeper on the topic using other online resources and books, or you can choose to just use the information provided and cover the topic.

Either way, research is made very easy with QR codes to follow (links are also provided) that lead to pages with easy-to-read paragraphs and summaries of information.
You'll also find a handy list of all the progressions the unit covers so that you can keep track of what your child has learned.

The unit also has some simple questions you can use to show what your child has learned. The answers are short and perfect for third and fourth-graders, and many are fill-in-the-blanks or multiple-choice questions. 

You can choose to answer the questions together or have your child do the research on their own if they are able to. You may also like to just answer questions in most units orally, and then have your child fill out a few now and then to keep in their learning portfolio.

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Enjoy learning!