Sunday, July 10, 2022

Writing an Opinion Unit - Freebie for Beginner Writers

 Free Opinion Writing Unit

For beginner writers

I am getting busy making things for our homeschool for the coming year, and one thing we always love to do is write! My youngest especially loves writing and always looks forward to sharing her opinion. But one thing that I always find tough to do is to sort through the writing my kids do during the year and pick out pieces for their learning portfolios. That is why I started making these units!

This one is ideal for kids who are just starting to write down complete sentences. Of course,e you could also help them out by writing their thoughts down for them, or by writing it down for them and having them copy what you wrote. 

I have included a few different options for kids on different levels of handwriting too. 

You'll also find guides throughout the unit that help you practice separating facts from opinions and adding reasons or 'why's' to their opinion statements.

There is one part that can be done at the beginning of the year and is fairly simple. It just involves discussing the difference between a fact and an opinion (I've included some practice questions you can do out loud together too!) and writing two opinions on a topic. 

The second half is meant to be done at the end of the year, or whenever you feel your learner is ready. It involves writing an opinion and why they have that opinion - in very simple terms of course!

There are optional covers you can use to keep their work organized or put it into their portfolios in this way. 

I really hope this helps you in your homeschool or classroom! You can download it below for free! all I ask is that you share the link to this post or my blog, not the google drive link when sharing. Thank you!


Freebie: My Best Book Awards - A Fun Way to Record Reading

Free Printable Best Book Awards
A Fun way to record reading for grades 1-6!

 Have you ever tried keeping a book log with your kiddo? My oldest used to LOVE doing this and so I always thought that my younger kids would naturally want to do it too. If you're a parent you can probably already tell what I am going to say next...they absolutely did NOT want to keep a reading log!

So this year when I was making my kids learning portfolios I kept trying to think of something different to do. Every year in their portfolios they are required to comment on something meaningful to them. It can be how far they've come in their learning, a favourite project or subject. But my kids always choose to talk about their favourite books - probably because in our homeschool it's one of their favourite things to do - read together!

So I thought it would be fun for us to have favourite book awards! Not only could they give them to favourite books throughout the year, but we could hold a little ceremony at the end of next year to celebrate our favourites and remember them!

I made these sheets with all ages and abilities in mind. I have included drawing-only pages, primary lined pages, and some regular-lined and wide-lined too. You could use these throughout your child's entire elementary journey (and even into high school if you wish!) 

I think it would be SUCH a fun tradition to have - end-of-year book awards! This could also be done in a classroom at the end of the year, or a fun display to make for parent-teacher nights.

If you are a Quebec homeschooler, this is a great way to show something for the competency for 'Reads and listens to literary, popular, and information-based texts" too.

I really hope you and your learners enjoy this one and that it starts some new traditions in a few homes or classroom homes! You can download it at the link below the image...