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Free Math Ten Frame Kit for Subitizing Adding and Subtracting

 Free Printable Math Ten Frame Cards and Mats Kit

Ten frames are such a great way for our learners to learn to visualize numbers, amounts, equations, and more! A large part of most subitizing programs, ten frames have been used in classrooms for a LONG time - but it has not been until very recently that most curriculums have used them as a starting point in math fluency.

Ten Frames and Visualizing

When someone asks you what 10 minus 7 is, can you visualize the answer in your mind?

This can be a really difficult skill for kids under 10 to master. Not only are we asking them to visualize the SYMBOLS (10 and 7) that are used to represent an amount, we are asking them to visualize the amount at the same time. On top of that, much of the time we are asking them to write it down - that's a lot of steps! 

This is just one of the reasons why using visuals like ten frames can really help learners gain fluency quicker and have an easier time doing it. Making those connections in their brains melds together all of those skills into them being able to recognize, calculate, and validate their answers.

Using Flash Cards

Flashcards seem like such an ancient technology, don't they? But when it comes to adding visuals to our math lessons, they can be a huge help! Not only can you show them to students but you can use them creatively. 

You can set them up like a hopscotch game and let your learners play. 

You can hang them on the wall and have students 'write the room'

You can give each student a card and call out a number, then have them run up to you when theirs is called

You could do a morning warmup counting with ten frames instead of numeral cards

Moving to Calculations

After your learners have down the basic 1-10 ten frames you can start to introduce addition and subtraction using them. 

Showing a blank ten frame, you can draw three dots in it and ask them what 3 plus 5 more would be. You would them draw 5 more dots in a different color and come to the answer of 8. This will help students learn to make 'sets' in their minds of different amounts being added together.

You could also make sets that add up to a certain number, like 10. Try to think together of all the ways you could make ten in the ten frames, and use two different colors to show both addends in the equation.

TO begin subtraction, you could start with a full ten frame and cross dots out to find the difference between two numbers.  You could then work on different subtraction facts of 9, 8, 7, and so on.

After your learners master their addition and subtraction facts within 10 using this and other methods of practice, you can move on to facts within 20 in the same way.

Grab this free center below!

Download the Free Ten Frame Kit Here!

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Free Skip Counting in Spring Math Center Printable

Free Skip Counting Math Center Printable

Do you love to teach skip counting as much as I do?
Using rhymes, songs, and even games makes it such a fun skill to practice. This skip counting center will not only be a fun activity for kids to do at home but a great classroom center to have on hand!

It's a great way for your learners to get some independent skip counting practice in. 

Memorizing skip counting patterns make learning multiplication so much simpler - especially when it's time to memorize those math facts in third grade!

Included in this set are mats for skip counting by:
nd 12's!

Each page has 12 flowers too, so students can get a strong grasp on skip counting up to 12 times!

You can download this freebie below!

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