Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fingerless Lacy Gloves

I made these yesterday and am so proud of them!
I'm actually going to be selling the pattern on My Etsy Shop so I won't be listing it here.
The Pattern is $3.20 and it's a very quick and easy one to do!
you can see them here

Debbie Jean

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pokeball Beanie Hat

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  So this is how the pokeball hat came out! I made the applique with my pattern and made a simple beanie hat pattern too for my son and he loved it!I already have the pattern for the pokeball applique on here so I'll  put up the beanie pattern here for now.You can either sew on the pokeball or you can be a little quick (and lazy) like me and hot glue it on! ;)
WW yarn in color of your choice (around 3.5 ozs - a bit less)Hook size H/8
Pattern1) Chain 3    Join with slip stitch to form a ring2) Double-crochet 10 times in ring, slip to join3) Now double crochet two times in each stitch (you'll have 20 stitches)4)  *Double crochet in the first stitch, then do two double crochet in the next*. Repeat from * to * all around. Slip stitch with first stitch to join. (you'll now have 30 stitches)5) *now, double crochet in the first TWO stitches once, then double crochet in the next stitch twice.* Repeat from * to * all around (you'll have 40 stitches)6) *double crochet in next THREE stitches once, then double-crochet in next stitch twice* Repeat from * to * all around.(now you'll have 50 stitches)7) *double crochet in next FOUR stitches once each, then in next stitch twice* repeat from * to * all around (then you'll have 60 stitches). If this hat is for a child, stop here adding increases here, and continue to the next step. If it's for someone a bit older, add a few more rounds of increses (the stitch where you double crochet twice) and add one stitch between it  each time ( for example, in the next round, you would double-crochet in the next four stitches once, then double crochet in the next twice)8) Now, double crochet once in each stitch around. Keep doing rounds of double-crochet once in each stitch until you have the desired length of your hat. Then fasten off and add the applique if you like :)So that's the completed hat pattern Hope you like it and use it well!I'll be posting my second mug-cozy soon :)Debbie

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

POkeball Applique

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I was trying to crochet my son a hat with a decent looking pokeball on it using a graph pattern I drew but it just wasnt happening!
So instead I made this applique by crocheting in rounds and thought it came out pretty good!!
You can make it bigger or smaller by adding rounds or using different sized needles and you can sew it onto anything.
E-mail me your creation if you like and I'll post it with your link ;)
**For Personal Use ONLY
Please remember, I am providing these patterns for free but they are my original patterns, so they are for personal use only, not for selling or making things to sell. Thanks :)

I used hook size F but you can use any size to make it bigger or smaller
WW Yarn in red, white, and black

Using white, Chain 3
Slip stitch to first chain to join

Single crochet 9 times in ring
slip stitch to first stitch to join

Switch to black, single crochet in each stitch 2 times all around (18 stitches)
Slip stitch to join

SIngle crochet in first single crochet with black, then switch to white
Single crochet with white 2 times in each of next 7 stitches

switch to black, single crochet once in next stitch, then switch to red
Now single crochet 2 times in each next 7 sts with red
Slip stitch to join.

Switch to black
Single crochet in first stitch with black, then switch to white

Single crochet 2 times in each of next 14 stitches with white
Switch to black

Single crochet once in next stitch with black
Switch to red

Single crochet 2 times in each of next 14 stitches with red
Slip stitch to join

Now, you can keep making your pokeball bigger by adding rounds (adding 1 stitch between increases on each round) or leave it this big.

For the border, attach black and single crochet in each stitch around

Done :) !
As soon as the hat is done I'll post it !
Hope you liked it
Remember to always e-mail me your creations with my patterns and I'll post them up here for you with a link if you like :)


Monday, December 14, 2009

Mug Cozy

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I've been wanting to try making a mug cozy for a while and finally have! It also doubles as a coaster (great for company!) since I made it go under the cup as well.
It's not perfect for the mug I tried it on, I'd have to make it a bit smaller and adjusting the pattern is easy!
It requires fastening off a bit, but Im thinking of making one without fastening off as well this week!
I used two colors but you can do whatever combinations you want with it.
Like the other one you can add your own touches too - ruffles, embroidery, beading, anything! :)
I'd love to see everyones different takes on this! If you'd like, send it to me and I'll post it here with a link to your page if you want.
Here's the pattern:

Crochet hook h/8 (but really you can use any size you want to get your desired look and for your kind of yarn)
WW yarn in colors of your choice

1) Chain 20, slip stitch to first chain to join

2) Single crochet in each stitch around, slip stitch to join

3) Chain 1, 2 single crochet in each stitch around (now you'll have 20 stitches) slip stitch to join.

Now depending on how big your mug is, you can stop here and skip to step 5 or make it bigger with step 5 - the base you're making now should be just a little bit smaller than the mug's base.

4) To make base bigger, *single crochet in first stitch, then do 2 single crochet in the next stitch.* Repeat from * to * all around. Slip stitch to join.
If you need it bigger still, continue to add one stitch between increases (for example, in the next row you would single crochet once in the next 2 stitches, then do the increase - 2 single crochet - in one stitch and continue around)

5) Now, single crochet in the back loops only of all the stitches around. Slip stitch to join each round.
Continue this for 3 rounds, or until you reach the handle on your mug of choice.

6) In the next row, single crochet in the back loops until you reach the middle stitch (in mine, stitch number 20) Fasten off. Skip 4 stitches and cast the thread back on.

7) single crochet in rest of stitches around, slip stitch to join.
From here, continue to fasten off at those 4 stitches in each round until you reach the top of your mugs handle (for me, that was 10 rounds)

8) When you have finished your rounds, fasten off and fasten the thread onto the top of your handle hole. Chain 4, attach to other end with slip stitch. Single crochet in each chain, then fasten off.

9) Now, single crochet in each stitch inside the handle hole.

10) If you want to add ruffles to the top, double crochet 4 times in each top stitch around (or the bottom would be cite too!)

Thats it! Now you can add your own touches to it :)
Hope you liked this one!!
I'll be posting my second version (no fastening off ) soon this week and am also working on a pokemon hat for my son that I'll be posting (my first homemade graph pattern! yipes! wish me luck! lol)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Doggie Sweater

**A NEW Version of this pattern is available with full photo tutorial! Please see this post here to find it!**

I started making this sweater just 3 days ago after being frustrated that every time I bought my maltese bichon puppy, Snowflake, a sweater it was too small , mostly in the arms. I thought he needed a little something since he gets cold when we walk him in the mornings, so I made a little sweater without arms!
You can adjust it for your pooch (just hold it up against them as you go and make it a bit smaller than they actually are since it will stretch)
The finished piece I made is 71/2 inches long and about 12 inches around
If you'd like your design that started with my pattern posted here (with a link to your page if you want), I'd love to see it! just send me an e-mail at:

I used an H/8 hook, but really any size will do
About 50g of yarn for my small dog, more if you need


1) Chain 21 (or more or less for your pet (enough to cover from their neck to their tummies))

2) Single crochet in second chain from hook and each chain across, turn.

3) Chain 1, single crochet in back loops only of each stitch. turn.

4) Repeat last 2 rows until your piece is the size of your pets back from the top of one leg to the other.

5) Now, when you are satisfied with the length, start from the bottom of your piece (the opposite of where you started) and single crochet in each stitch only until you almost reach your pets arms, turn. leave remaining stitches unworked. For me here, I did 8 stitches.

6) Keep single crocheting each row until your piece wraps around your pets tummy comfortably, but not too loose. For me, this was about 12 rows. Fasten off.

7) Now, the neck:
Go to the top edge of your piece and single crochet in each stitch, then when you reach the end, chain as many stitches as you need to go around your pets neck (really make sure it's not too loose here or it won't be very cozy)
Join with  a slip stitch to the first single crochet.
For me here, I did 15 chains.

8)Now single crochet in each round until you have the desired length of your pets neck. Fasten off. Depending on your pet you may need to single crochet 2 stitches together so the neck will be smaller. Or you may want to make it really long and fold it over like a turtleneck.

9) Now, sew together the bottom part of your piece that goes around the tummy.

Any you're done!
Add some embroidery, sequins, anything you want.
I hope your pet enjoys this one!! :)


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bib with initials

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I went to visit some family 2 weeks ago for the holiday and knowing 
my cousin had a new baby just had to crochet something! With limited
time, I found a basic bib pattern but altered it. 
Instead of leaving it plain, I put the baby's initials on it. I also made
the strap in the back different by connecting it instead of putting fussy
buttons or velcro on it. I used a different size hook too.
It came out pretty cute and sturdy!
I'd love to see what you did with this pattern! If you like, e-mail your picture to me and I'll post it here with a link to your page if you like!
 So here is the pattern my way:

Crochet Hook size H/8
Yarn: I had a 50g ball but didn't use all of it, of course because it's for a baby
it should be soft but also durable
Two colors of yarn

1)With main color, chain 20

2)Single crochet in 2nd chain from hook and in each chain across.

3)Ch 1, turn. Single crochet 2 times in first stitch, then in each 
stitch to last stitch, 2 single crochet in last stitch.

4)Ch 1, turn.Single crochet in each stitch to end of row.

5) Repeat last two rows 3 times more.

6) Continue with single crochet once in every stitch until 
work is about 6 inches from beginning. End with
right side facing.

7) Chain 1. 1 single crochet in each of first 6 stitches, 
single crochet 2 together to decrease. turn, leaving remaining stitches 

8) Chain 1. Single crochet 2 together over first two stitches.
 1 single crochet in each stitch to end of row.

9) Turn, chain 1. 1 single crochet in each stitch to last 2 stitches.
Single crochet 2 together.

10) Turn, single crochet in each stitch for 10 rows.

11) Turn, chain 1 (wrong side facing). 2 single crochet in first stitch.
Single crochet in each stitch to last 2 stitches, single crochet 2 together.

12) Chain 1 , turn. Single crochet 2 together. Single crochet in each stitch 
until last stitch, 2 single crochet in last stitch.

13)Repeat last two rows twice more.

14) Fasten off

15) Now, take your contrasting color yarn and single crochet once in each 
stitch around bib and strap.  only did this once, but you can repeat it again if you like, or 
do ruffles by double crocheting 4 times in each stitch. Fasten off.

17) now, sew the strap onto the other side of the bib.

16) Now, if you like you can embroider on initials, appliques, days of the week, anything.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ruffled Washcloth

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With the holidays coming up in just 3 weeks it's a good time to get going on all 
those little last minute gifts for all the people you come in contact with regularly. 
I've been trying to think of little homemade gifts for people and one thing I thought 
of was making some cute little hand-crocheted or knit kitchen sets.
I've started out with this ruffled washcloth which I made using crochet. I used 
bernat slipper yarn because of it's rough texture. Crocheting in
a back loop-front loop pattern gives this cloth a cute look. I'm planning on doing
2 different washcloth designs and a dishcloth similar to this one to go with it.
Here's the pattern for this first cloth. I'll post the rest I do as they get done.
I'd love to see what you did with this pattern! Send it to me and I'll post it here with a link to your page if you like

Crochet Hook Size H/8
Any yarn will do - even scrap yarn you have lying around

1) Chain 21
2) Single crochet in second chain from hook and each chain across.
3) Turn, chain 1. *Single crochet in first single crochet, then single crochet in 
back-loop of next single crochet.* Repeat from * to * to end of row. 
4) Chain 1, turn. Repeat row 3 until cloth is desired length.
5) To add ruffles: double crochet 4 times in each single crochet all around each edge.
6) Fasten off.
Embroidery on the cloth could be nice too but keep in mind it's a 
washcloth and will probably be used for scrubbing!
Or use a soft yarn for a facecloth. With some soaps and candles that
could be nice too!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crochet Coffee Cozy

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Crochet Coffee Cozy

I have been noticing a lot of similar cozys sold around lately, so I have decided to sell this pattern on my Etsy for $2.20 .
Thank You for understanding!! :)
Debbie Jean