Monday, September 26, 2022

History Mystery 2: Free Quebec History Curriculum

 History Mystery 2

Who were the Iroquoians Around 1500?

Did you miss History Mystery 1? You can find it here!

Welcome to another fun and quick History Mystery! A fun and FREE new series I am starting for kids to be able to study Quebec History and fill the progressions of learning requirements in small, easy-to-use units.

This second unit focuses on the Iroquoians (Haudenosaunee) and why they have the names that they do. It's a great way to introduce this portion of the history progressions to your learners. The following units will focus on the lives the Haudenosaunee people lived around the year 1500, including longhouses, food, clothing, etc.

The really wonderful thing about these units is how simple they are to use. You can use them on the computer and just fill out the worksheets together with your learner, or you can print out the entire thing and use the QR code with your device to look up the information.

With each unit I provide a QR code kids can use to research the questions asked (it is also a clickable link). The information is on pages either written for kids or in simple words. I also try to not have too much to read in each unit - in this unit, there are 4 small paragraphs to read. 

Since all of the concepts cycle 2 will cover need to be done over 2 years, I suggest taking it as slow as you'd like with your learner, especially if this is their first time studying history. You may choose to just do the research and answer the questions orally in some units, while in others you fill out the sheets for learning portfolios.

Every unit also comes with a badge for kids to collect to show their learning. It's also a great way to remember what they've learned throughout the year. We love to hang up things like this on our dining room wall so we can discuss them over dinner - it's such an easy (and sneaky!) way to review.

Every badge states what they have learned about in the unit. A photo of all of their badges could also make a great learning portfolio addition!

The pages are also all in black and white (except for 2 optional maps at the end, which are also available in black and white) so they are easy on your printer too. I also try to include a fun colouring page in each unit that sticks to the unit's theme. Kids could colour these while you read aloud the research page to them, or colour them later on while you discuss what they learned about what is in that picture. In this unit, it is a longhouse - something that is mentioned in the article but that will be studied further in a later unit.

This unit includes an answer key!

However, you use these pages I hope that you enjoy them! 

You can download this unit below by clicking on the link under the image.

Please feel free to share this unit by sharing the link to this blog post, but not the google drive link.

Thank you and enjoy learning!

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