Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Quebec History Mystery 23: Thirteen Colonies and New France Around 1745: Similarities and Differences

 Quebec History Mystery 23: Thirteen Colonies and New France Around 1745: Similarities and Differences

It's another fun History Mystery for your kiddos to solve! Want to see the other 22 free units? Click here!

Welcome to another History Mystery - the FINAL unit for grades 3 and 4! If you've managed to get through all 23 with your kids, then congrats! That deserves a celebration! They'll have also earned all 23 badges (if you're covering both years)

In this unit, they'll be comparing New France, which they've learned a lot about, to the Thirteen Colonies around 1745.

As always the unit begins with a handy progression of learning checklist so that you know you're covering everything. If you want to keep a full checklist on hand, I have one of those available for free too - you can find them in this folder.

It also includes an easy-to-use QR code that can be scanned with a phone or tablet, or I've included a link if you'd prefer. Here students will need to navigate the page comparing the two societies and do some research to answer the comprehension questions - but don't worry because I've kept that simple to use too!

The comprehension questions are all categorized in the same way that the research page on Learn Quebec is. This way, students can easily locate the pages they need to read in order to answer the questions. 

These questions are perfect for showing what your child has learned in their homeschool or class portfolios - but they're also excellent for keeping things simple. If you'd like to dig deeper into a period in history then you can. If you'd like to just use the unit and answer the questions, then that's all you need to do to follow the progressions.

At the back of this unit, and most others, there are also extra maps and resources you can use during your lesson to get a better look at the societies you're learning about. of course, the badges are also here for your child to collect as they learn about history.

You can download this FREE unit by clicking on the link below.
**All I ask is that when sharing this unit online you share the link to this blog, NOT the google drive link. This helps keep traffic down and the link usable for everyone. If you're sharing a paper version with a friend or class that is fine too, so long as my website name remains in the corners of each page.

Thank you and enjoy learning!

Download the Free Quebec History Mystery 23 Here