Friday, December 16, 2022

Free Division Kit to Teach Division for Homeschool or Classrooms

Free Division Kit to Teach Division

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Division is one of those concepts that we think is easy for kids to understand - it's just like sharing! But when we move from teaching sharing between two friends to sharing 144 between 12, kids can get confused quickly - can you blame them? I always like to take things slow when I'm learning a new concept - I need to see it, feel it, and really GET it before moving on.

That's exactly how I designed this division kit to be used. Inside this 60-page unit you'll find everything you need to teach kids division, in a paced order that makes sense.

The unit begins with links to video explanations you can use, as well as online games you can use to practice division later on. If you're not familiar with division concepts yourself, you may want to watch the youtube video I recommend in the unit - Blooming With Ms B explains all the concepts ina  few minutes. It's great for kids, teachers or parents (or both together!). 

After you've gone over skip counting as a base, I recommend playing the 'cookie game' included in the unit. It is SO much fun and really helps kids see how division could work visually. There are array mats, standard algorithm worksheets, flashcards, and more!

I have included simple explanations and posters inside the unit as well. You could hang these on the wall, project them onto a screen, or have kids glue them into a notebook for their own reference. 

There is a vocabulary poster too that you can refer to since many math problem-solving questions will have this vocabulary in them. It can really come in handy later on!

 Finally, there is plenty of ways to practice division in this unit. There is the cookie game, arrays mats, worksheets and flashcards that can be used together to practice the facts. Once kids have practiced the division using the given methods a few times and really understand the concept, these worksheets are a great way to get in some practice every week. 

You can also add in the online games here. There are some really fun ones that my own kids enjoy. If you have a tablet or phone you let your kids play on, there are also plenty of free apps that you can find to practice division and multiplication facts! (You can grab the free multiplication kit I made here!)

Download the free unit

You can download this freebie by clicking the link below.
All I ask is that when sharing this unit please refer people to this blog, not the google link directly. 
Thank you!
**You may also make and share paper copies of the unit, as long as my link remains in the bottom corners of the pages. (if you require a printing release form, please contact me) Thank you!**