Friday, July 28, 2023

Free Making Inferences in Literature Unit

Free Making Inferences in Literature Unit

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Making Inferences in Literature

Making inferences in literature is an important standard that will teach kids how to look deeper into what they're reading and have a better understanding of the texts they read. This unit breaks the concept down into super simple chunks for kids in grades 5-6 and helps prepare them to write more solid literary analyses in the future.

Made for Teachers and Homeschoolers
I made this unit for my own kids, who will need to take some important exams in sixth grade - even though they are homeschooled. I want them to be as prepared as possible and have the best confidence going into those tests! So trust me when I say, I made this with a passion for teaching and with BOTH homeschoolers and teachers in mind.

The lesson plans included could easily be adapted to both. They're short and to the point, but still cover the topic really well for this age range. Each lesson includes guided notes on what to say and how to teach this concept, which can be tricky for some kids. Lessons also include practice to do as a parent-child or classroom. It would work well for both online or offline teaching too!

Made for Teachers and Homeschoolers
The unit includes 2 original mentor texts written by me that are great for this age range. They leave room for kids to draw simpler inferences, as well as inferences that are deeper and deal with emotions and problems. Another fun thing included is an excerpt from Charlotte's Web that allows kids to draw inferences of their own using their previous knowledge and the text.

The included worksheets go along perfectly with the mentor texts, but can also be used for any book throughout the year as extra practice.

Anchor Charts for Teaching Everything
I find anchor charts to be really helpful for students to refer to. But I also find them really helpful for myself while I'm teaching! Having something to refer to and use as a guide for those 'blank mind' moments or when I myself am not sure of a concept can be a really great help. So I've made sure to include plenty of posters in this unit to help you and your learners along. 

They can be displayed on an overhead projector or screen, or just used as posters throughout the year to remind students of important concepts/