Saturday, September 24, 2022

History Mystery: A FREE Quebec History Resource for Cycle 2 Elementary

There will be more history units coming! Check this page for more!

 If there is one thing that I see many of my fellow Quebec homeschoolers struggling to teach, it's social studies! We are required by law to follow certain progressions of history every year throughout elementary and high school. We must prove at the end of the year that we touched on these progressions with our kids throughout the year.

The great thing is that the progressions go in cycles - we have two years to teach all of the concepts listed for a cycle. The tough part is balancing what we want to teach our own kids about history alongside having to follow these requirements AND having to prove that we did.

Introducing history mysteries! A new series of free units I will be releasing that follow these progressions but in a very simple-to-follow format and in a way that won't make your kids dread every minute. 

These units will cover all of the progressions as I make them for elementary cycles 2 through 3, and then high school as well. Every unit will have some worksheets that students will fill in using a research method provided in the unit - either a link or a video. 

These worksheets can then be placed into your child's portfolio to show what they learned!

Of course, kids also need to feel validated and rewarded for their learning - as adults we know how valuable this knowledge is, but kids can't always grasp that. So in each unit, a badge will be included once kids complete the unit. They can use this badge in a notebook or hang it up somewhere to show their accomplishments!

In this first unit, kids in grades 3-4 levels of learning (cycle 2) will look at how there came to be people in Canada. They will read 3 short paragraphs in the Canadian encyclopedia online and answer questions to show what they learned. 

I would encourage you to read the paragraphs yourself first, especially if you are planning to have your child do this on their own - or if you are a teacher sending this home as homework. It will take 5 minutes and help you to be a le to answer any questions your learners might have.

At the end of the unit, kids can print out badges in either colour or black and white if they would like to. Each badge will showcase what they have learned so that they can be proud of it!

I really hope you enjoy this unit and it helps you out in your homeschool! Download it below the image by clicking on the link.

Download The History Unit Here