Monday, December 7, 2009

Doggie Sweater

**A NEW Version of this pattern is available with full photo tutorial! Please see this post here to find it!**

I started making this sweater just 3 days ago after being frustrated that every time I bought my maltese bichon puppy, Snowflake, a sweater it was too small , mostly in the arms. I thought he needed a little something since he gets cold when we walk him in the mornings, so I made a little sweater without arms!
You can adjust it for your pooch (just hold it up against them as you go and make it a bit smaller than they actually are since it will stretch)
The finished piece I made is 71/2 inches long and about 12 inches around
If you'd like your design that started with my pattern posted here (with a link to your page if you want), I'd love to see it! just send me an e-mail at:

I used an H/8 hook, but really any size will do
About 50g of yarn for my small dog, more if you need


1) Chain 21 (or more or less for your pet (enough to cover from their neck to their tummies))

2) Single crochet in second chain from hook and each chain across, turn.

3) Chain 1, single crochet in back loops only of each stitch. turn.

4) Repeat last 2 rows until your piece is the size of your pets back from the top of one leg to the other.

5) Now, when you are satisfied with the length, start from the bottom of your piece (the opposite of where you started) and single crochet in each stitch only until you almost reach your pets arms, turn. leave remaining stitches unworked. For me here, I did 8 stitches.

6) Keep single crocheting each row until your piece wraps around your pets tummy comfortably, but not too loose. For me, this was about 12 rows. Fasten off.

7) Now, the neck:
Go to the top edge of your piece and single crochet in each stitch, then when you reach the end, chain as many stitches as you need to go around your pets neck (really make sure it's not too loose here or it won't be very cozy)
Join with  a slip stitch to the first single crochet.
For me here, I did 15 chains.

8)Now single crochet in each round until you have the desired length of your pets neck. Fasten off. Depending on your pet you may need to single crochet 2 stitches together so the neck will be smaller. Or you may want to make it really long and fold it over like a turtleneck.

9) Now, sew together the bottom part of your piece that goes around the tummy.

Any you're done!
Add some embroidery, sequins, anything you want.
I hope your pet enjoys this one!! :)