Thursday, November 24, 2022

Free French Community Writing Unit - Dans ma communauté

 Free French Writing Unit - My Community 

Dans ma communauté

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Speaking about places in our community in French with our kids is something that comes so easy when we live in a place that is bilingual or mainly French-speaking. Taking a walk, drive, or bus ride around the neighbourhood and pointing out all of the buildings can be a really FUN homeschool field trip idea too!

But when it comes to showing what your kids have learned and getting in some French writing, things can get a little tricky -and dare I say even boring for them! I think as teachers and/or homeschool parents we strive to make learning as engaging and FUN as possible for kids so that they WANT to keep on learning. I hope that this unit will help them have a little bit of fun writing about their communities and/or making maps of their neighbourhoods.

This unit comes with cutouts of community buildings and places (the bank, the park, the dentist, etc.) that kids can either make a full community map with or paste on a page to show what is in their community. It also included writing pages to go along with these, starting with the phrase

 Dans ma communaut√©, il y a.... (In my community there is/are)

This prompt will help them to write about the buildings and places they have put on their project pages.

There is also a page of useful phrases kids can use with a transition phrase, a way to write about downtown, and a phrase to write about their favourite place. These sentence prompts can help make their paragraph more than just a list of places! They are also a great way to practice writing some more words in French using simple, common words.

I also included a page of labels in case you'd like your kiddos to make their maps on a large piece of paper.

I hope this free printable helps you and your learners! You can download it below instantly - all I ask is that when sharing this resource you share the link to this blog, NOT the google link! Thank you!

Download the FREE French Community Writing Unit Here