Saturday, August 20, 2022

Free French Verb Unit 1: Voir

 Free French Verb Book Unit Voir

For beginner learners

If you're teaching French to either your own kids or a classroom full of learners, then you know how difficult it can be to find just the right resource to teach different verbs. Some are SO full of information they can be too much for new learners. Others include only the verb conjugated on a sheet and no real-world connection. That is what I am hoping to avoid with my own kids by creating these units.

I started with the verb 'voir'/to see because it is a verb that most kids use every day. It can also be used any time, anywhere - what do you see? You can ask it on a nature walk, in a classroom, looking out the window, or on a long bus ride. 

This unit teaches learners to conjugate the verb voir in the present tense, as in something that is happening right at the moment it is said. 

For example, the first page of the book starts with 'Je vois un chat' (I see a cat)

The next page continues with 'Tu voit une abeille' (You see a bee)

It goes through every person (je, tu, il, elle, nous, vous, ils, elles) and includes a nice, big colour photo to illustrate the phrase.

It also comes with these little cards to print out and use to practice saying the verb, memorizing it, or to use it in a sentence. As you and your learners learn more verbs, you can mix these up and practice making plenty of sentences in French.

The last part of this unit includes some worksheets for different levels of learners. there is a very simple page where kids can draw a picture of what they see and maybe write a label on it. There is a more detailed one where they have space to draw and write. 

Finally, there are 2 conjugation pages - one asking them to conjugate 'voir' in the present tense, use it in a sentence, and illustrate a picture. the second conjugation page has a blank space so that you can have them practice other tenses if you'd like.

You can download this freebie below. All I ask is that when sharing this resource, please share the link to this page and not the google drive. Thank you and enjoy!

Download The Free French Voir Unit Here