Sunday, May 22, 2022

The Discover Bundle - It's Here!

I am so excited to be bringing you this AMAZING bundle of educational resources today, so lovingly made by teachers and parents all around the world - including me!

The Discover Bundle is a HUGE bundle of over 90 resources from over 35 small shops that make printables and fun activities for kids. When you purchase the bundle you will get instant access to the download link and be able to keep these files forever - to print over and over and over again, whenever you need them!

I LOVE these bundle sales for stocking up my curriculum shelves - we are always ready to study anything at any time! If we're reading a history textbook about ancient Egypt and my kids want to know more - boom! - I've got about 10 resources I have from previous bundles (and some new ones in this bundle!)

They're also a great buy this time of year because you can plan to fit them into next year's school schedule! I'm going to share with you here just a PREVIEW of SOME of what you'll get inside this bundle, and let you know which of my products are in it too! I

The Discover Bundle is put into different categories. here is a preview of some of the resources in each....

Discover Early Learning and Imaginative Play

Discover the World

Discover the Ocean

Discover the Farm and Garden

Discover the Cosmos

Discover Nature

Discover Insects

Discover Habitats

Discover Flowers

As you can see there is plenty to choose from!
So what are MY contributions to the bundle? Some of my favourite products!

So much from just my shop - buying these products separately is pretty much the price of the bundle - around $25! But if you choose to buy the bundle you'll get all of the other products too.

You can check out more of what is inside the bundle and see all of the wonderful freebies there will be every day too here:

PS - If you have any questions let me know!

Friday, May 20, 2022

New Tropical Fish FREEBIE And Exciting News!

I have some exciting news and BEAUTIFUL freebie for you today! Scroll down to keep reading and grab it!

Isn't this tropical fish matching game just lovely? It would be such a great addition to an ocean science unit, to for a kiddo who just loves to play those I Spy matching games...

You can download this lovely game from Hudson Academy for free today - and read about an exciting upcoming bundle sale too - one I am going to be a part of!

The Discover Bundle

I can't share too many details right now, but you can head over to the Harbor and Sprout site here

and check out all of the beautiful resources and shops that are going to be included! You can also get this game for free by signing up for sale announcements - it starts next week!

I can give you a glimpse of what will be included...



🌱Farm + Garden

🌱Oceans + Sea Life




🌱Early Learning + Imaginative Play

🌱Discover the World


🌱In-depth units on a wide variety of subjects

🌱An exclusive upgrade by The Thinking Tree, featuring two funschooling journals- one all about nature and one for moms! 😍

Be sure to sign up below and get your freebie- there will be more coming too!
Grab Your Freebie Here (scroll down on the page to sign up)


Enjoy and stay tuned!


Saturday, May 14, 2022

Math Centers and Freebies: Balloon Numbers to 10

 Free Math Poster and Worksheets

Balloon Numbers to 10
Count and Write Numbers to 10

Do you have learners who are just learning to count and write numbers to 10? Then this freebie is for you! Scroll down to grab it for free!

One of the first things most of us teach our kids at home is how to count to ten. Whether or not they're going to go to school or stay home and be homeschooled, learning to count to ten is a pretty basic skill. But teaching them the digits and symbols we use to show value is only one part of the equation. So while you're teaching your children numbers 1 through 10, keep these things in mind!

Counting is more than digits

One of the best memories I have of this is when I taught my oldest child to count to 10 and he really 'got it'. We had a bag of those little plastic balls that you fill a kiddie pool with and we were throwing them into a basket. While doing this, we decided to count how many balls we could throw inside, and I told him that I bet we could get ten in. And so we counted how many we threw that landed in the basket, then took them out of the basket and counted again. This is when he really understood the VALUE of the number ten - that we use number words to assign values to amounts or collections of objects.

That, I believe, is one of the most important things to teach our learners when showing them digits and numerals - what they represent. 

Put the worksheets into a page protector to use again and again!

0 to 9, but digits can be combined!

I love it when kids realize that higher amounts like 12 or 28 are represented by two single digits put together - but it doesn't mean that we have 1 and 2 balls or 2 and 8 balls - it means something else completely different. That's why I love to tell kids that a DIGIT and an AMOUNT or number are two different things. A digit is a symbol we use, like a letter. A number is an amount we use to name a collection. 

Learn numbers, then apply new knowledge.

One great way to make the association between these numbers and amounts is to use the flashcards I've included here and take them around with you. If you're at the park with your child, take out a new number every time and ask them to find that many rocks or dandelions. If you're in the classroom or it's a rainy day, give each student a card and ask them to show that number using manipulatives or stickers on paper. 

Teach them that a digit is a symbol and just like 'A' stands for 'apple', '2' stands for two things.

Using the worksheets

Learning to write numbers is an important skill too. One way that's fun to keep on teaching the concept of value versus symbol is to have them draw colored dots inside each balloon to show that amount.

You could also give them small dot or star stickers and have them paste that many onto each balloon.

Grab the freebie below!

Click here to grab this freebie!

Please remember to share THIS page, not the google drive link, when sharing this freebie with others! It helps me be able to make time to create more! 

However you choose to teach your learners about numbers from 1 to 10 and what they represent, I hope this set helps you out! 


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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Draw and Write Level 2 - Plus a Freebie!


Do you have trouble getting your learners to write? Whether you're at home or in the classroom, getting younger kids to write anything can be a struggle - forget complete sentences or paragraphs! That's why I created Draw and Write - a step-by-step writing program that slowly encourages learners to write more and more - all inspired by drawing!

When we ask really young kids (8 and under) to write down their thoughts and ideas, we're asking a lot! Think about it - not only do they need to use their imaginations to come up with ideas but they need to use their fine motor skills to write and their phonics and spelling skills to make it all make sense! That's asking for so many skills at once!

And while some kids do very well writing on their own, others can struggle. So how can we make writing not only easier but more inviting and exciting for kids? We can introduce something they love to do - draw their stories first!

The level 1 set of Draw and Write (which you can see here) focused on kids drawing and gave them a start to their sentences. In level 2, kids will still be drawing but will not have a writing prompt - they will come up with their own ideas! But of course, we don't want to leave them completely on their own just yet, so they have a picture that they can still add to, but a word box as well.

The words in the box are not just vocabulary words or sight words, however. They are words that are meant to spark ideas and imagination. 

If you're on the fence about these sheets the good news is that you can try out 3 for FREE! Just head over to my TeachersPayTeachers store and grab them here!

If you'd like the whole set you can get all 51 for just $3! That's plenty of writing ideas to inspire your learners all year long!

Grab the whole set here on my TeachersPayTeachers shop!

Enjoy learning and having fun!


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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Free Math Ten Frame Kit for Subitizing Adding and Subtracting

 Free Printable Math Ten Frame Cards and Mats Kit

Ten frames are such a great way for our learners to learn to visualize numbers, amounts, equations, and more! A large part of most subitizing programs, ten frames have been used in classrooms for a LONG time - but it has not been until very recently that most curriculums have used them as a starting point in math fluency.

Ten Frames and Visualizing

When someone asks you what 10 minus 7 is, can you visualize the answer in your mind?

This can be a really difficult skill for kids under 10 to master. Not only are we asking them to visualize the SYMBOLS (10 and 7) that are used to represent an amount, we are asking them to visualize the amount at the same time. On top of that, much of the time we are asking them to write it down - that's a lot of steps! 

This is just one of the reasons why using visuals like ten frames can really help learners gain fluency quicker and have an easier time doing it. Making those connections in their brains melds together all of those skills into them being able to recognize, calculate, and validate their answers.

Using Flash Cards

Flashcards seem like such an ancient technology, don't they? But when it comes to adding visuals to our math lessons, they can be a huge help! Not only can you show them to students but you can use them creatively. 

You can set them up like a hopscotch game and let your learners play. 

You can hang them on the wall and have students 'write the room'

You can give each student a card and call out a number, then have them run up to you when theirs is called

You could do a morning warmup counting with ten frames instead of numeral cards

Moving to Calculations

After your learners have down the basic 1-10 ten frames you can start to introduce addition and subtraction using them. 

Showing a blank ten frame, you can draw three dots in it and ask them what 3 plus 5 more would be. You would them draw 5 more dots in a different color and come to the answer of 8. This will help students learn to make 'sets' in their minds of different amounts being added together.

You could also make sets that add up to a certain number, like 10. Try to think together of all the ways you could make ten in the ten frames, and use two different colors to show both addends in the equation.

TO begin subtraction, you could start with a full ten frame and cross dots out to find the difference between two numbers.  You could then work on different subtraction facts of 9, 8, 7, and so on.

After your learners master their addition and subtraction facts within 10 using this and other methods of practice, you can move on to facts within 20 in the same way.

Grab this free center below!

Download the Free Ten Frame Kit Here!

Please remember to share the link to this page, not the google drive link with others!

Thank You <3

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Free Skip Counting in Spring Math Center Printable

Free Skip Counting Math Center Printable

Do you love to teach skip counting as much as I do?
Using rhymes, songs, and even games makes it such a fun skill to practice. This skip counting center will not only be a fun activity for kids to do at home but a great classroom center to have on hand!

It's a great way for your learners to get some independent skip counting practice in. 

Memorizing skip counting patterns make learning multiplication so much simpler - especially when it's time to memorize those math facts in third grade!

Included in this set are mats for skip counting by:
nd 12's!

Each page has 12 flowers too, so students can get a strong grasp on skip counting up to 12 times!

You can download this freebie below!

Please remember, if you'd like to share this freebie with others to refer them to THIS page and NOT the Google link! This helps me see how many people are using my resources in my blog stats every month. That helps me figure out which are the most popular so I can create more of them!

Thank you!

Debbie at MessyBeautifulFun

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on TeachersPayTeachers

on TeachersPayTeachers

Friday, April 15, 2022

Basketball Rounding: A Fun and Free Editable Math Center


You can download this free resource by scrolling down!

Last week I posted a simple rounding math aid that you can use in your classroom to help kids remember when to round a number up or down. You can see that Rainbow Rounding center here.

Today, I'm sharing a NEW rounding activity with you - with a fun basketball theme! This can be used as a game, a center, or a busy folder. It's an easy way to help learners practice rounding numbers (to any place value - tens, ones, hundreds, etc.) and best of all it's EDITABLE!

Inside this unit, you'll find two pages featuring basketball nets that say "Rounds Up" and "Rounds Down". Kids will need to take the numbered balls and 'dunk' them into the proper baskets. You could even hang them on some big laundry baskets or bins and make it into a game!

One page of this center is editable too! That means that you can open it up and type your own numbers onto the basketballs. You can do this is an unlimited number of times, typing, printing, then erasing and typing again!

I have also included a recording sheet where students can record their answers. This is especially handy when using this during center rotations in a classroom, or when using it as a math center in a small group or one-on-one setting.

You can download this freebie below! Please just be sure to share THIS page when sharing this resource, and not the direct google link! It helps support my blog and gives me more time to make wonderful resources like these!