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Spin And Find CVC Words Printable Pack

CVC Word Game

CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant) are a great way to get your kids started reading phonetically once they've gotten down their letter sounds. Reading simple three-letter words like "cat" doesn't require any tricky blends and can give kids confidence to better their reading in future lessons. They'll know that they're starting to read, which is exciting, so they'll be more eager to learn the next level of reading.

My youngest is at this stage now and I find reading simple CVC words to be a lot of fun. However, like everything else, reading from the same beginner books all the time can get a little boring. So I love making up games for us to use and practice our CVC words with.

Enter my Spin And Find CVC printables! This printable set comes with two different versions of educational play. It also comes in either color or black and white. The worksheets can be done independently in the classroom as literacy centers for older readers or done close together with beginning readers. They can also be played in teams, using different colored markers or dot markers.

You can even laminate them and use them over and over again as practice centers for the entire class. Here is a closer look at what they're like...

There are 10 different sets in total, each in color and black and white versions. You can choose to either play with the word spinner or the picture spinner.

Playing with the word spinner, kids can spin a word, read it, and find that picture on the dot page. They can dot it with a dot pen, place a marker on it, or even color the picture in.

In the picture version, kids can spin a picture, find the word and dot it. You could also use both the picture spinner and picture page or word spinner and word page to play a matching game. Whichever way you play, it's a fun way to practice reading!

Each set is grouped by vowels and has 8 words to learn. These words use the "short" vowel sound (the letter sound, not the name, so "aah" for A)
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In the "A" set you'll find these words: 
  • rat
  • map
  • bat
  • can
  • jam
  • cat
  • bag
  • hat

In the "E" set you'll find these words:
  • net
  • web
  • ten
  • bed
  • hen
  • jet
  • wet
  • vet

In the "I" set, you'll find these words:
  • win
  • zip
  • bin
  • lip
  • pin
  • bib
  • dig
  • pig

In the "O" set, you'll find these words:
  • dog
  • box
  • fox
  • hop
  • top
  • mop
  • pot
  • hot

In the "U" set, you'll find these words:
  • gum
  • hug
  • bug
  • bun
  • tub
  • sun
  • mud
  • cut

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