Friday, March 17, 2023

Free Counting to 10 Apple Math Center and Craft

 Free Counting to 10 Apple Math Center and Craft

Have you ever tried to get preschoolers or kindergarteners interested in counting? It can be a challenge! That's why I hope that these Count, Craft & Learn! Centers will help you - whether you're a classroom teacher or a homeschooler!

Included in these free centers are a few elements. You can pick and choose what you'd like to use in your own classroom. The important thing here is that kids are learning to associate the symbol of a number with the meaning of a number of objects - and they're learning to count too!

The first thing you'll find is an apple tree mat with a place for counting cards on the side. The cards that go with it feature two important things - a number and a ten frame representing that number.

Kids can use the included apple counters, or you can use the counters you have on hand. They will choose a card, put it on the mat, then count out that many apples on the tree. Alternatively, you could also put a random amount of apples on the tree and have them find that matching number card.

The next element adds a bit of fun to your lesson or center time. It is some very cute clipart of apple-picking kids. After counting out their apples, kids can use these pieces to 'pick' the apples. Adding a playful element like this to centers for this age always makes the lesson so much more memorable.

Finally, there is a craft. Kids will glue any amount of apples (up to 10) onto a tree and write that number.

I have also included a bonus page for kids to practice tracing numbers - this can help a lot if they don't know how yet!

You can download this freebie by clicking on the link below. All I ask is that when sharing this resource, to please share this link to my blog, NOT the Google Drive link. You may share copies of this paper resource for FREE so long as my website name remains on the resource pages it is included on.

Thank you and ENJOY learning and teaching!

Download the FREE Apple Math Center Here

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Quebec History Mystery 17: New France Around 1745

 Quebec History Mystery 17: New France Around 1745

It's time to dive into another history mystery! This one starts our newest journey into New France around 1745. Want to see other units? Check out my history page!

We read about the beginnings of what would later become the province of Quebec in the last few units. This unit will bring your learners 100 years ahead to New France circa 1745. This first unit will dive into the territory, the population, how the land was divided among seigneurs and colonists, and how villages were formed. It covers plenty of progressions too!

As with all of my other history units, this one includes QR codes or links to make research super easy. All of these links lead to Learn QC, a safe and simple site for kids to navigate and read all about Quebec history! The reading is short and to the point so that you don't have to spend looking up information.

I have also included a list of progressions covered in the unit. You can use my free progression checklists to make certain you've got most of those covered too - using all of my units together will cover them all!

Inside the unit you will also get some free comprehension questions. You could use these in the traditional way of researching with your child and having them write the answers down, or you could answer them orally together. I always try to include questions I know wouldn't be too challenging for a 3rd or 4th grader - having had a few in my own homeschool I know that oftentimes workbooks use really challenging language for this age group.

These worksheets can be used to show learning in portfolios too!

I always also include maps and charts that might be useful to your learner(s), especially if they have trouble focusing on these charts on the computer screen (like one of mine does!)

You can download this free unit by clicking the download link below - the one in big letters :)
All I ask is that when sharing this resource you do NOT share the google link but a link to this blog. You may distribute FREE copies of this unit as well so long as my website remains on the page ( Thank you!

Need to keep track of which progressions you've covered? Use my checklists below!

Monday, March 6, 2023

Free Phonics CVC Word Mats Construction Theme


Free Phonics CVC Word Mats Construction Theme

I am slowly putting together a phonics program. Please feel free to download these free resources while I make them! TO see more, visit the phonics page on my blog here!

Download This Free Phonics set by clicking the link under the last image below. The images show what is included in this unit...

Phonics mats CVC recording sheets - Kids can use these to write the words they learn to read while using the mats.

The mats include all CVC short vowel word families - they're the easiest thing to begin with after your child has learned their letter sounds. Start by belding together the ending (ahhhh-t, for example). once your child can do this, add on the beginning letter. (rrrrrr-ahhhhhh-t  - rat!)

Kids will use the beginning letter tiles to build words. I have also included some fun trucks they can use to transport their letters, just like it's a real construction site. A little bit of play always makes learning so much more fun - and memorable!

Thursday, March 2, 2023

History Mystery 16: New France Around 1645 Government and Important People

New France Around 1645 Government and Important People

 Welcome to another Quebec History Mystery! Want to catch up on other units? See them all here!

Your learners have learned all about the people living, working, and trading in New France around 1645. now it's time for them to learn all about the government - in other words, the king of France!

In this unit, kids will cover the last few progressions under the first section of the Geography, History and Citizenship Education progressions for elementary cycle 2 (grades 3 and 4). These include learning about the government, the company, the engage, as well as some important people in Quebec's history.

As always this unit comes with a list of progressions covered (use my progression checklist to keep track!) and some easy-to-use QR codes for simple research using the very awesome Learn Quebec website.

I have also included some simple comprehension questions to show your child's learning in portfolios and to review what you've read on the website. Sometimes my kids and I like to use these after we've read, other times we like to use them as a sort of scavenger hunt with the QR codes, combing the pages for information.

As always, you can choose to have your learners answer the questions in writing, orally, or have them dictate their answers to you while you write. 

To cover the progression that includes naming important people in new France around this time, I've included a very simple project in this unit. This includes writing about two ways certain people were important to the history of Quebec around this time. There are 4 different options to choose from and I have included sheets to make it easy and polished looking too!

These 'VIPs' include Jeanne Mance, Samuel de Champlain, Laviolette and de Maisonneuve - names listed in the progressions, but also names your kids might be familiar with from signs around town.

Download the free history unit below!

You can download this free unit by clicking on the link below. It will take you to a google drive file - simply click on the download or print icon in the corner to use it! All I ask is that when sharing this unit online to please give out the address to this blog post or blog, NOT the google link. It helps support my blog and it keeps traffic on the link low for everyone. Thank you and enjoy learning!

*Please feel free to share unlimited printed copies of this unit for FREE so long as my website address remains in the corners*

Download the FREE History Mystery 16 Here

Expand Your History Curriculum!

Check out my interactive history notebook including timelines, notebooking pages, biography pages and more! Grab it here!

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Animal Adaptations Science Free Journal Unit

 Animal Adaptation Free Printable Science Curriculum

I think it is a pretty universal rule that every kid loves learning about animals! They can be cute or creepy, funny or interesting - and they're all around your neighbourhood. The animals that is, - not necessarily the kids ;)

In this unit, your science explorers will learn all about animal adaptations and how they are useful. They will learn the difference between behavioural and structural adaptations, experiment with blubber, and show their learning with simple worksheets.

The first part of this unit includes 6 pages of simple explanations about what adaptations are and the different kinds that exist. Kids will look at behavioural ones like migration and hibernation, as well as structural adaptations like mimicry and shells.

Then, students will be able to show what they have learned using the included worksheets. They'll write about two different adaptations and how they help the animals that use them. If your kids don't feel comfortable writing you can always have them dictate their answers to you while you write, or type their answers then print them out and glue them onto the answer space. 
The second worksheet includes some simple comprehension questions to show what they have learned and are mostly cut-and-paste answers. Perfect for these grade levels!

Finally, a super fun experiment is included in this unit! Kids will get to play with some water in a container (what kid doesn't love that!) and discover how blubber keeps animals like polar bears and whales warm. It's a simple experiment that requires just a few simple kitchen tools and some vegetable shortening. It also includes space for kids to make a hypothesis and conclusion.

You can download this free unit by clicking on the link below.
Please feel free to share the link to this blog post, my science page, or my Quebec Homeschool Blog if you'd like to share this unit. Please DO NOT share the google drive link.
You may also share paper copies for FREE as long as my website address remains on the pages.

Enjoy being scientists!

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Travelling in new France Around 1645: Quebec History Mystery 15

Travelling in new France Around 1645

It's time for another history mystery! Want to see the rest? Hop over to this page!

I cannot believe we're on our 15th history unit! I am so happy with how these units are coming out and I hope you are too! So much easier and simpler to follow than most workbooks, they're such a great way to make sure our kids are covering progressions and to have proof of that in their portfolios.

In this unit, kids will explore how people travelled in new France around 1645 and learn all about the Company of One Hundred Associates. We'll cover 5 progressions and at the end, they'll get a brand-new badge!

As with all units, this one includes very simple and easy research. You can follow the QR codes or links included and read the texts together to answer the comprehension questions. If you or your child ever wants to spend more time on a certain topic then you can - use the internet, library, field trips - whatever you would like! But if you just want to cover that set of progressions for the moment, I've got you covered!

I always keep these ages in mind when making these comprehension questions. Currently one of my own kiddos is at this stage so I know that they're not always quite ready to answer using long-winded sentences or thorough explanations (unless you're talking to them about a favourite subject - like Pokemon - of course ;) Some answers are multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank, while other ask in a way that won't require a ton of writing.

Of course, as I always say, if you have a child who has difficulty writing, feel free to have them answer the questions orally while you write them down. Or write down what they tell you and then have them copy what you wrote. You could even do one unit over a few days - answer one question every day if that's all you can get done. The beautiful thing about homeschooling is being able to go at your child's pace!

And of course, my kid's favourite part is getting to hang a new badge up on the wall!

You can download this free unit y clicking on the link below. Please feel free to share the link to this blog page (NOT the google drive) or to my Quebec Homeschool Helps page. You may also share paper copies with anyone you would like for FREE so long as my website address remains on the pages.

Enjoy learning!

 Download Quebec History Mystery 15 Here!

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Quebec History Mystery 14 - New France Fur Trade and Farming Around 1645

 New France Fur Trade and Farming Around 1645

Welcome to another Quebec history unit! See all the others on this page

In the last few units students began to learn all about New France and the early European colonists started to change the land and way of life in this part of the world.

In this unit, we will dive into how and why the settlers farmed, and learn about the beginnings of the fur trade and the coureurs de bois.

As with all of our Quebec history mysteries, you'll find it a very simple and straightforward unit - you can go deeper on the topic using other online resources and books, or you can choose to just use the information provided and cover the topic.

Either way, research is made very easy with QR codes to follow (links are also provided) that lead to pages with easy-to-read paragraphs and summaries of information.
You'll also find a handy list of all the progressions the unit covers so that you can keep track of what your child has learned.

The unit also has some simple questions you can use to show what your child has learned. The answers are short and perfect for third and fourth-graders, and many are fill-in-the-blanks or multiple-choice questions. 

You can choose to answer the questions together or have your child do the research on their own if they are able to. You may also like to just answer questions in most units orally, and then have your child fill out a few now and then to keep in their learning portfolio.

You can download and print this free history unit by clicking on the link below.
You may share this unit by sharing the link to this blog (Or my Quebec Homeschool blog). You may also share print copies of this unit for FREE.

Enjoy learning!

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Quebec History Mystery 13 - Life in New France Around 1645

 Quebec History Mystery 13 

Life in New France Around 1645

Want MORE history resources? Check out my history page here!

Another Quebec history mystery is here! In this unit, your learners will answer the question: What was life like in New France around 1645? They'll discover life at a trading post, what people grew and ate, how they traded and even how they found ways to entertain themselves.

Easy QR Code Research

As with all of the other History Mysteries, QR codes are used to make research super simple. In this unit, students will use 3 pages on the very helpful Learn QC website to read about daily life in New France around 1645. They'll then answer a set of questions to show what they learned.

Simple Worksheets

The worksheets included in these units are simple and made with this age group in mind. Some require a written answer, while others require multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank. If your learner has trouble writing, you could write for them or use a PDF software like Adobe to allow them to type their answers.

These worksheets are perfect for learning portfolios to show what your student has been learning at home or in class. They are short and to the point and cover the required progressions.

Quebec Progressions of Learning for History and Geography

Whether you're teaching in a classroom or homeschooling in Quebec, teaching the social studies progression is a legal requirement. That's why I have been sure to include the progressions that this unit covers so that you can be confident that you are covering the material properly. 

If you are using all of these units combined, you will cover all of the progressions of learning for cycle 2 elementary (grades 3 and 4) - 2 years of learning.

Bonus Project

This unit like some other includes a fun project idea that kids can complete to further their learning - or just add a little fun! Since they will be learning about food in New France, it could be fun to fill in this pretend menu. There are 2 versions - one kids can decorate on their own and one with premade decor.

Learners will use the knowledge they have of what people ate in New France at the time and new foods that were introduced to the colonists by indigenous nations. You could even turn it into a special family dinner night if you'd like! The dishes are pretty simple.

Download the free unit below

You can download this free unit by clicking on the link below. All I ask is that when sharing this unit you share the link to this blog or my Quebec Homeschool helps blog, NOT the direct Google link. Thank you!

You may also share this printed resource for FREE as long as my website name remains on the bottom of the page. Let's make education accessible for all!

Download Quebec History Mystery 13 Here

Quebec History Mystery - Who Lived in new France 1645?

 Quebec History 

Who Lived in New France Around 1645?

Want MORE Quebec history resources? Check out my free history page here!

We're diving into another question about New France around 1645 in this Quebec History Mystery - our twelfth unit! This unit covers some of the progressions of learning for elementary cycle 2 in the province of Quebec. It can be used in homeschools, classrooms, or co-ops!

In this mystery kids will answer the question "Who lived in new France around 1645?"
They'll also earn their twelfth badge!

The Research
As always, research is made super simple with some QR codes (and their links on another page) that will show kids exactly where to find the information they need. In this unit as in many others, we are using the wonderful resource LEARN QC, which features short and simple texts kids can read to cover Quebec history.

After reading the short paragraphs they'll answer some questions.

The Worksheets
The worksheets are simple, to the point, and perfect to show what kids have learned and how they covered the Quebec history requirements. You can always add additional resources if you or your learners want to take a deeper dive into a certain period of history you're reading about, but these sheets cover the basics. They could also serve as a great introduction or review.

The Progressions of Learning in Quebec Education Program

Whether you're in a classroom or teaching your kids at home, it is a requirement in the province of Quebec to follow the social studies program as described in the Quebec Education Program. These short History Mysteries go over a few progressions each. You could use just a few or you could use them all. If you do choose to use all of the units (and future units coming in the next few weeks) you will have covered all of the progressions for social studies in elementary cycle 2.

Download the free unit below!

You can download this history unit by clicking on the link below. All I ask is that when sharing this resource you do not share the direct google link (this causes a lot of traffic and slows down things for everyone) but share this blog post or blog. You MAY share paper copies as well and distribute them for FREE as long as my website remains in the bottom right corner. Let's make education accessible for all!

Download Quebec History Mystery New France Here

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Quebec History New France Around 1645 - A Free History Mystery

 Quebec History New France Around 1645 

Quebec History Unit New France Around 1645 - A free printable history curriculum

It's time for another history mystery!

Want to see the other units in this series? Take a look at my History page here

In the last ten units we learned all about the Iroquoian societies that lived in Quebec before the Europeans came to colonize the land. In this next set of units we will be looking at the new society that these French settlers were building - New France!

Quebec History Unit New France Around 1645 - A free printable history curriculum

Like all of our other history mysteries, this unit is short and to the point. you can choose to spend as much or as little time on this topic as you'd like. You can just do the required reading and answer the questions together (which covers the progressions perfectly!) or you can take a deep dive and explore the topics in greater detail. It's up to you and your learners!

Quebec History Unit New France Around 1645 - A free printable history curriculum
The unit includes a few simple pages of questions (and sometimes activities) that you can do to show what your students have learned and prove that you have covered the progressions as per the Quebec Education Program.

Quebec History Unit New France Around 1645 - A free printable history curriculum

I have also included something new in this set of units that I hope will be helpful for all - a detailed list of the progressions that the unit covers. Although I do eventually plan to have the progressions all listed along with the units on my websites I will also be adding these pages to the new history units. This way, you have a checklist of sorts to use to show that you are covering all of the material you are required to in your homeschool or class.

Download the Free Unit Below!

You can download this freebie under the image below. Just please be sure to share the link to this blog when sharing this resource, not to the google drive. You MAY share unlimited paper copies of this resource as well, as long as my website remains in the corner. Thank you!

Download the Free History Mystery Unit Here

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Free Fractions Math Kit to Teach the Fraction Basics

 Free Fractions Math Unit 

Teach identifying fractions through lessons, visuals, worksheets, and more!

Want MORE free math kits and resources? Check out my huge math freebies page!

Learnign to identify and understand fractions are important parts of the elementary math curriculum pretty much everywhere in the world. Fractions are such a huge part of our everyday lives from measuring out ingredients to figuring out sale prices. Learning to solve more complex fraction problems all starts with kids having great fraction sense.

One of the best ways to begin building this math skill is to start with basic partitioning and shapes (see my free partitioning unit here!) and then move onto full fractions of shapes. Once kids understand how things are divided equally (shapes, groups, etc) they can begin to understand that a fraction is just a way to show that division using numbers.

Teaching Fraction Basics and Vocabulary
As most of us know, learning about fractions starts with learning what an equal part is and how a fraction is written. In this unit, you'll find plenty of helpful guides to get kids to see this concept as well as learn the proper vocabulary to use when speaking about fractions. 

Your learner(s) will learn about numerators, denominators (and what they MEAN), how to write a fraction, fraction wording (one-fifth, five-eighths, etc), and how to identify fractions.

Practice, practice, and more Fraction Practice Sheets!
Practicing writing, identifying and reading fractions will help your learners become fraction experts! So I have made sure to include PLENTY of practice pages that you can use. There are sheets for shading fractions, writing fractions, partitioning, and fraction words.

Hands-on Manipulatives and Activities
We all know that kids learn best through doing rather than always just seeing, so I have also included plenty of options for activities and games that you can use during learning time. There are cards, fraction strips, some recording sheets and more included to help you out!

Video Suggestions, Online Games
I've made sure to include some kid-friendly teaching videos that you can use in this unit. Whether you use them as your main lesson, a teaching aid for yourself, or just as an extra review, they are all short and to the point - and made for kids!

There are also links to tons of online games that you can check out and use to have your learner practicing fractions all year long for review. This is definitely always a hit with my own kids!

Download the Free Unit Below...
You can download the free unit by clicking on the link below. All I ask is that when sharing this unit you share the link to this blog - not the google link. You may also share paper copies for free as long as my website name remains on the page.

Enjoy learning!