Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Free Regrouping 2 and 3 Digits Math Center

Free Regrouping 2 and 3 Digits Math Center

Following my addition with regrouping posters and workbook set, I wanted to share this quick center I made with you all too! A great way to get kids to pay closer attention to whether or not they need to regroup when adding, this center is easy to print and quick to set up.

You can choose to laminate it and use it as a full-class or homeschool center, or you could choose to have cut and glue the equations on.

 Learners will need to sort the 2 or 3 digit equations onto the correct mats - regroup or don't regroup. I made these especially for my youngest who sometimes regroups when she doesn't need to - I know this sort of practice can really help!

There are color and black and white versions included for you to use. These would pair great with my free regrouping posters too!

Please feel free to use this resource and share the printed version or share with a link to this blog. I hope this helps you and your learners master those math concepts!

Click here to download this regrouping free math center!

Multi Digit Subtraction Posters

Free Printable Multi-Digit Subtraction Posters

Want to see MORE math freebies? Check out my math freebies page here - it's packed!

Teaching kids how to subtract using the standard algorithm can be a lot simpler when they have a guide to help them through it. Although we usually don't mind doing the teaching, having to repeat the steps over and over again everyday can start to feel a little bit tiring.

That's where I hope these posters will come in handy!

I made these posters to use with my youngest daughter this year - just like these multi-digit addition posters. I wanted her to have a guide to refer to since we often have to go over the steps, and she (like many other kiddos!) can sometimes regroup when she doesn't need to or forgets to change the numbers she borrowed from.

Every poster has color-coded reminders to regroup if they need to and to rewrite their numbers if they need to. I'm hoping that this will help her along until she can master the concept. I also hope it helps your kids or class do the same!

Just as with he addition unit, the examples go up to 6 place values (subtracting within 100 000). After this, kids will probably be able to figure out higher numbers on their own - if not, you can always come back and review!

I really hope this set helps you and your learners! You can download this freebie by clicking on the link below. If you'd like to share this resource, please feel free to share a link to this page or blog, or to share copies of the printed resource with my website tagline intact. Thank you and enjoy!

Download the Free Subtraction Posters Here


Multi-Digit Addition Posters

Free Printable Multi-Digit Addition Posters
Helps kids understand standard algorithm from 2 digits to 6 with regrouping

If you've ever taught a kid or a class multi-digit addition before, then you know how may times you need to go over the order of solving. 
STart with the ones.
Do you need to carry or regroup?
Did you regroup without needing to?
Don't forget to rewrite your numbers!
You can start to feel a little bit like a broken record.

I made these posters, especially for my youngest daughter whom I homeschool and thought you might all appreciate them too! They go over the standard algorithm of addition showing kids how to solve step-by-step with equations using 2 to 6 digits.

All of the posters are colour-coded to help kids not lose their place when following the steps. For example, you can see in the image above that the ones column numbers are all green. The tens are orange, the hundreds red, and so on. This way they know that if they are in the hundreds column, they need to read the red sentence that describes that step.

The instructions are simple and to the point for kids who already know about regrouping (you could use my free regrouping workbook if you feel like you need some help here!)

I find this to be really helpful for kids working on their own. I will keep a copy of the poster we are using on the table next tp my daughter's work, as well as one on the wall. That way, if she forgets what she is doing or needs some guidance, she can easily refer to the poster and follow along.

 You can download this freebie by clicking on the link below! Please feel free to share a link to this blog or copies of these posters - I hope they help many kids (and teachers!) in their learning journeys!