Thursday, February 24, 2022

March Subscriber FREEBIES! Free Printables for Teachers and Homeschoolers

 Free Learning Printables for March

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This month's freebie folder is out! I cannot believe it is going to be March in just a few short days. If you're looking for some fun and fresh activities to bring into your classroom, I've got you covered!

This month's freebie pack is full of rainbow and clover fun for St. Patrick's Day. 

First, there are the math pages. Most months I send out fun math mats that can be used for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division! This month's theme is clovers in the grass so the mats come with some cute clover counters too!

I also include recording sheets so that your students can record what they do - and there are many options in those too! You'll find single and double-digit addition, subtraction, and multiplication pages, as well as linear division and division bar pages.

The addition and subtraction mats can easily be used with the clover counters or some mini erasers or other manipulatives. Students just add or take away counters to solve the equations they write at the bottom or on their recording sheets. 

The multiplication and division mat is a little different. You can put an equal amount of counters in each background square and skip count them to multiply. You can also give students an amount to divide, say 8 divided by 4, and they can divide 8 counters between the backgrounds. If you'd like to use bigger numbers, you can print multiple mats. These mats also come with smaller clover counters not pictured here.

Next up we have one of my favorite things that every month brings - calendars!

I include two versions of a pocket chart/wall calendar along with a board you can use to stick them on if you'd like. I also include two different black and white calendars - one with numbers to trace and one blank. There are also versions without clipart.

These are all a great addition to your circle or morning time.

Reading is an important part of any classroom, so I include these reading activities each and every month. Clipart-free versions are also included.

There is a book log with a star rating option on it, a coloring book log for younger kids, and three styles of book reports. You'll also find a read it, build it, write it mat inside that you can edit on your computer to include any words you would like!

Finally, a new addition this month are these fun and themed tracing pages! Kids can practice their alphabet or number tracing. Black and white and color version are included of both. These are fun to laminate and use again and again!

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Have a great March!

Debbie M




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