Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Free Math Curriculum Division Strategy Math Center for Young Learners

 Free Division Math Center Printable

Teach division visually

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Last week I posted a free multiplication center here and talked about the way we all probably learned to multiply. Standard algorithm. 3 times 3 is 9. Memorize it. 

Much the same goes for division. But division is a little bit easier to show visually. Why? Because it's something most kids already do in everyday life. Sharing crackers or grapes with their friends or dividing a paper in half for a craft are parts of every kid's life. 

But when shown the division symbol and given an equation - even with dots drawn on a chalkboard, it can be difficult to really KNOW what division means. That's why math centers like this one can be such a great tool - and why I am including it here for free!

This math center comes with the following:
  • 12 full-page jars numbered from 1 to 12, plus one blank
  • Firefly counters to divide between the jars
  • Color and black and white division mats
  • Recording sheet

There are SO many ways this center can be used!

Division Mats
You can use the division as a very easy and low-prep way to have students practice dividing on their own. They can be laminated or put into a page protector and used with whiteboard markers, or even with tiny beads. You can give students an equation to work out (like 10 divided by 5) and model how to use the mat to do this (put 1 dot into 5 jars until you have made 10. There will be two in each jar.)

Divison Recording Sheet
This can be used as a recording sheet with the larger center, or it can be used as a simple worksheet. Students can divide small objects or pencil dots between the jars and write equations in the blank spaces. 

Division Center
The main center of this free unit is these full-page jars and firefly counters. Kids can divide the fireflies between the jars to learn the concept of division, and try out writing some equations on the recording sheet. You could slowly and do 1-2 equations per day, or use this as an intervention center for struggling learners.

I hope you and your learners - at home or in the classroom! - enjoy this freebie! Let me know if you do - I always love to hear your comments!

*PLEASE note that if you wish to share this freebie, please share this page link, not the google drive URL. It helps support my blog and allows me time to create more freebies like this! Thanks!


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