Friday, September 23, 2022

Free Situational Math Problem For Cycle 1 Grades k to 2

 Free Situational Math Problem

Follows the Quebec Competency for mathematics: Solve a situational problem related to mathematics (but can be used by anyone for some math fun!)

Want more situational math problems? Check out my Math Freebies page here! I will be adding more soon!

Have you ever tried to solve a situational math problem with your learners? It can be a really fun way to put math skills into practice using real-life-like situations. Where we live in Quebec, they are a required part of the math curriculum for both public school and homeschooled kids. However, I find them to be a great way to see how much my kids have retained of what we've learned in math.

I especially love making them fun-looking and interactive for kids, not just writing down problems on paper. That is why I am so excited to bring you this new freebie problem for grades 1-2. It's simple, fun (it's mainly coloring!) and includes an answer sheet for parents too! If you haven't seen my other grade 1-2 problem, you can download it here.

In this problem, kids will be designing a basket. They will use organizational skills to organize information in the problem, patterning skills, and prepositional skills. They will also need to fill in some information into a simple table.

There are also plenty of fun pictures for kids to color in. You can take a few days to complete this problem, with younger learners especially! It will give them an opportunity to understand all of the information and give them a chance to colour in math class - that's always fun!

You can download this freebie below. All I ask is that when sharing this resource you share the link to this page and NOT the google drive link - that can really mess things up on my end! Thank you and ENJOY!

Download This Free Situational Problem HERE!

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