Monday, December 12, 2022

Quebec History Free Curriculum Book 10 - Iroquoians and the Algonquians

 Free Quebec History Curriculum Unit 10
Comparing the Iroquoians and Algonquians around1500
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History Mystery number TEN is here! I can't believe we have already gone through 10 units of history together with our kiddos, can you? It really is so simple and fun to dig up the past!

In this unit, kids will cover the progression that requires them to compare the Iroquoian society around 1500 that they have been learning about with the Algonquian society at that same time. The two nations lived very close to one another but lived different lives in many ways. 

Just as they did with the Incas in unit 9, your learners will compare the two societies using a very handy page on Learn QC, but I've made this unit a little simpler to go through. First, if you'd like to spend more time reading about Algonquian society at this time, then by all means take the time to read through more links on the page. To fill out the comparative chart though, kids will just need to click through about two links in each category and try to find some differences OR similarities between the two nations.

This might even be a simple task for them to do since they have been learning so much about the Iroquoians.

There is no project recommendation in this unit like there were in some units, but if you did make a diorama in units 4 and 5 that focused on the Iroquoians, you may want to make one in this unit showcasing the way the Algonquians lived. This would be a great way (or even an alternative) for kids who don't love to write.

As always, these units come with super simple QR codes (or links) to make research super simple.I've also included an extra map in this unit that shows the Algonquian territory and nations camp areas - since they were nomads you'll notice it's a lot broader than the Iroquoians territory that stayed close to the water.

Kids will also get to earn their TENTH badge! That's a pretty big accomplishment too - maybe time for a little celebration? The next unit will focus on French society in Quebec around 1645, so there will be new discoveries to look forward to! After that? We'll look at Canadian Society in new France around 1745, compare changes in French and Canadian societies between 1645 and 1745, and finally, we will dive into comparing New France and the 13 Colonies around 1745. Then it's onto cycle 3 history!

And remember - cycle 2 history goes through grades 3 and 4 so you do have 2 years to go through these units if you'd like to slow down or focus on one topic a little longer.

Download the Free History of Quebec Unit!

You can download this free unit by clicking on the link under the image below. All I ask is that you share the link to this blog or page when sharing this resource, not the Google Link. You MAY share FREE copies of this unit, however, as long as my credit line with my website at the bottom remains intact. Thank you!

Download the FREE Quebec History Unit Here

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