Monday, April 16, 2018

5 Inspiring Quotes For This Week

Typically, this time of year I'd be cleaning up our yard and thinking of all the wonderful things to plant. DOing the raking, the digging and the hoeing are things I truly love to do, and there is nothing quite like putting in a hard day's work and relaxing in the cool of a Spring evening. 

But lately here (and I hear, around where you may live too!) it's been a crazy Spring for the weather! Ice storms, winter snow, and freezing rain have all been falling and it's starting to get everyone a little bit down! Just this week I spent almost every day at the park with my kids, only to see that we're supposed to get 15 centimeters of snow tonight! Blah!!

But eventually, we know that winter will end and bring in the "dog days of summer" as they say. We'll be complaining about the heat then, but also enjoying running outside without spending an hour getting dressed in snow gear first ;) So for this week's quotes I wanted to focus on themes of caring and happiness. 

So here are 5 inspirational quotes for this week, for parenting, fitness, difficult times, work, and your morning! I actually wrote the parenting quote for this week, which had me thinking about my kids, but could reach out to anyone in any walk of life, so I hope you enjoy it! Enjoy and I hope you feel encouraged above all 💕

For Parents: A smile can last a lifetime, A touch can reach to the heart, A word can change them both, Choose kindly!
-Debbie Jean

Fitspo Fitness Inspiration: Do nothing and stay the same, or make a change and get even better. -Unknown (know who said this originally? comment below and let me know!)

Getting through a rough time: In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity - Albert Einstein

Getting Through Your Work Week: "Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work" - Stephen King

To cheer up your morning: You'll never have this day again. Make it count! -unknown (know who said this originally? Let me know in the comments below!)

Cheer up, buttercup! If you're reading this then you're alive!

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