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A Daughters Truth by Laura Bradford A Book Review

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review on NetGalley.

Book Description

Emma Lapp tries to be the perfect daughter, to earn the loving embrace of her family and her Amish community in Pennsylvania. Yet she can’t quite win her mother’s smile—or her forgiveness for a transgression Emma can’t quite place . . .
Emma knows she’s a reminder of her mother’s greatest sorrow, having been born on the same day Mamm lost her beloved sister. The one bright spot has been the odd trinkets anonymously left at her aunt’s grave each year on Emma’s birthday—gifts Emma secretly hides because they upset her parents. But the day she turns 22, a locket bears a surprise that sends her on an unexpected journey . . .
Searching for answers, Emma travels to the English world and finds a kinship as intriguing as it is forbidden.  But is this newfound connection enough to leave behind the future she’d expected? The answers are as mysterious, and as devastating, as the truth that divides Emma from the only family, and the only life, she’s ever known . . .  
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My Review

Laura Bradford definitely tells a story that got me hooked from the start! 

Not only do you get to see the growth of the characters throughout the story, but you're left with just enough room to keep wanting more. This book started me off with wanting more and ended with yours truly in tears. 

I loved Bradford's writing style and how well she told the story of Emma Lapp and her mysterious upbringing. You feel angry and shocked right alongside the characters in the story, but are also left wondering what's to come next and why. I didn't feel frustrated with the characters as I often do in other books I've read, as I found the pace of the characters developing stories to be just right.

I truly loved this story and how it was told. The only thing I found offputting about the book was how the Amish characters spoke so properly. Perhaps it's because of the district they live in (I know Amish traditions/speech/rules vary a lot from district to district) but I wish their speech would have flowed more freely. For example, instead of "We are going to go to the store..." I prefer to read "We're going to the store..." I just found the characters' words to be overly proper. Luckily, the story takes over that and I never wanted to stop reading it.

A highly recommended read for certain, especially if you're an Amish fic fan.

It releases May 28th, 2019!

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