Friday, March 25, 2022

Free Math Curriculum 120 Charts Printables

Free 120 Charts
For Counting, Skip Counting & Number Practice

This is part of a series of math freebies being released on my blog! You can download the rest by going to

Counting, skip counting, and knowing which numbers come before and after a given number are important skills to be mastered in elementary years. If kids learn nothing else, great number sense and counting skills will help them go a long way in upper math levels.When kids know that 91 is one more than 90, then they know how to add. When they realize that 90 is 1 less than 91, they've learned the basics of subtraction. 

These 120 charts can be used in a variety of ways. You can practice counting up to 120, or backward from 120 to 1.

You can practice skip counting within 120 by hiding numbers under mini blocks or erasers.

You can cover some of the numbers on the chart with small objects or color them out with a marker and have kids tell you which number is missing.

All of these are fantastic ways to practice counting.

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