Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Free Math Curriculum - Day trip - Situational Problem for Grades 3 to 4 (Cycle 2)

 Free Situational Problem in Mathematics

I have another AMAZING freebie for you - another situational math problem!
If you missed the first one I released (which is also free!) you can grab it here!

What is a situational math problem?
Think of a project-based learning situation, except it's written all on one page. Kids need to figure out the pacing, planning, and answers themselves (with some guidance from you, of course!)

Unique to the Quebec Curriculum, situational math problems help students think through real-life scenarios and use a bunch of the math skills they have been learning to figure out a solution. In many of these problems, there is no one correct solution, but a few possibilities. That is the case with this one.

How do we solve a situational problem?
My advice is, if this is your first problem, take it s-l-o-w!
Here is an example of how you might work it out:

Day 1
Spend the first day you work on it reading through the problem and highlighting any important information. 
Next, use the "What I know" sheet to write this information down (this is optional, but really helps!)

Day 2
Today figure out how you will solve the problem. Use the "What I Need to Do" sheet to write down all of the steps you might need to take.  Help your learner(s) figure out what sort of math skills they might need to use, and any tools they might need to have on hand, like manipulatives or a calculator.

Day 3
Today get working on the problem! Take your list of what needs to be done and start.
Help your learner here and let them take breaks when they need to. Remember that this is a lot to work through, especially if it is the first time you're solving a situational problem.

Day 4
Continue working on the problem. If you solved it all yesterday, check it over together.
I have included an "answer sheet" but since there is no right answer, this is really just to guide you, as the teacher, to help your learner(s) figure out what to do.

Day 5
Go over any mistakes together and try to help your learner see why they didn't come out correctly. The point here isn't to stress them out about "wrong answers", but to help them figure out what might have gone wrong. 

Once you solve the problem in full, be sure to give your learner (and yourself!) a good round of applause! That is a LOT of thinking work!

What if it's too difficult?
I suggest trying a lower level. But PLEASE don't feel bad about this or even mention to your child it's a lower level. Just suggest maybe you should start with a simpler problem and work your way up to more difficult ones. Remember, all kids are on different levels of learning, no matter what grade they are in. Situational problems can be really complex and involve a lot of brain power!

You can download this situational problem below for FREE! It's a great math exercise to do with your homeschooled child(ren) or even in a classroom instead of a regular math assessment!

What Skills Does it involve?
This situational problem involves 
multiplying 2-digit numbers by one-digit numbers and ten
elapsed time
addition and subtraction

Download it below!
**PLEASE if you are going to share, share this page, NOT the google drive! It helps me make time to make more great freebies like this one, Thank you!

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