Monday, July 11, 2022

Free Science Journal: States of Matter for Grades 1-2

I have a NEW science journal freebie for your first and second graders (and older kiddos too!)

This science journal is just like my others - Journal 1 and Journal 2.
It follows the Quebec Progression of Learning for Science and technology, but can be used by any homeschool or classroom teacher anywhere! 

This journal is all about the 3 states of matter and how water can change into all 3 states.
It's a simple way to cover the basics without being boring, and it would make a great portfolio addition for homeschoolers trying to cover 'explores the world of science and technology

In this journal I have included some posters that explain the states of matter. You could use only these posters as your main lesson or a review, or you could add in some videos on youtube, or some books.

They're all in backline too so your learners can colour them if they'd like to!

For each state of matter, there is a hunt that your kids can do to identify those things in their own environment. You could just use these in your home or classroom, or you could bring them along to the park or on a walk and do them together.

There is also a very simple experiment you can do to show your learners the 3 states of matter. But if you don't want to do that I have included an explanation poster showing how water can be in all 3 states (solid, liquid, and gas). You can take pictures while doing the experiment to include in your learners' portfolios.

I have also made some worksheets you can put in your portfolio that show your child's learning. There is a simple cut and paste, and a labelling page that goes along with the water experiment.

I really hope you and your learner(s) find this journal useful and FUN!
You can download the free science journal below. Just be sure that if you share this journal with others online to share the link to THIS BLOG post or to my blog. NOT the google drive link, please! This helps me see how many people are actually putting my resources to use!


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