Thursday, August 4, 2022

French Calendar Freebie: Learn to speak and write about the calendar in French

 Free French Calendar Set

Use this fun, interactive calendar set to help teach your learners all about the date, months of the year, days of the week, and more!

One French learning activity my kids always LOVE to do is fixing up our French wall calendar every day. They each grab a piece to put up and we talk about what it says.

"Aujourd'hui c'est..."

"Demain ce sera..."

Hier c'etait..."

That is why I decided to make and share this fun set with you! It contains calendar cards you can use at home or in the classroom. They work great in a pocket chart or on the wall. I laminate mine and put velcro dots on the back of them so we can change them every day.

But this set includes more than just a calendar!

It also includes posters and writing worksheets too! 

These writing sheets give kids plenty of practice writing about the date, the month, the weather, and more! I have even included years up to 2033 :)

(photos coming soon of how we use this calendar)

Download the free unit below!

Download the FREE French Calendar Here!

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