Thursday, September 22, 2022

French verb Freebie: Conjugating Etre in the Present Tense

Free French verb Unit Etre

 I've got another great French language freebie for you all! You can see the rest of my French language freebies on this page!

The verb etre (to be) is one of the most important verbs your FSL learners will need to learn to conjugate in the French speaking, writing, and reading. So I am happy to bring you this new freebie that is in the same layout as my VOIR verb unit.

One of the first components of the unit is this mini book that contains sentences using the verb in the present tense. They're simple sentences for beginner readers and great for anyone of any age learning the language.

They also have fun photographs on every page in colour. These can be printed and made into  book or projected on your TV or tablet, etc. They're a great way to practice the verb every day.

The unit also includes these verb cards that come in handy for practice when speaking or writing. I love to print these out on colored cardstock and put them onto a binder ring for my kids as they learn each verb. As I make more units like this, all of them will contain these cards.

Once you and your learners have learned the verb in the present and what it means, it's great to put it into practice with some writing! I have included many different types of sheets in this unit for learners of all ages. 

There are fun coloring and writing pages for younger children. You can have them write sentences on them or you can have them tell you a sentence orally, then write down what they told you.
There are also some simpler drawing pages where younger kids can draw and write a sentence, as well as some conjugation sheets that you can have older students use to conjugate the verb in ANY tense!

I really hope you enjoy this unit with your learners! You can download it below right from Google Drive. All I ask is that when sharing this resource you link to this blog or page, NOT the google drive link - this can really mess things up on my end ;)

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