Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Free French Letter Writing Unit

 Free French Letter Writing Unit

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Welcome to another great French freebie! This unit is a very simple one, but a very important one too - and I think your learners will love it! 

Inside the unit, you will find some simple letter writing (or e-mail writing) templates, prompts, and instructions that your kids can use to write friendly letters in French. They can use these to write to friends, and family or they can even write notes to each other to practice their French writing.

This is also an important progression to cover when learning French as a second language!

One of our favourite ways to practice letter writing is to make our own mailboxes out of shoe boxes we have on hand. We then write little notes to each other and stick them in when nobody is looking! My kids LOVE to do this and it is such a fun way to get some extra French writing in.

Another fun idea is to write a letter to a fictional character. Kids can choose a favourite from a book, movie, or video game and write away.

E-mails are so much fun to send using this unit as a template too. Just have your learners type the e-mail in the order the template goes and use the prompts if you'd like too!

I have included a bookmark-sized reminder for kids to refer to whenever they would like to write a letter in French, as well as extra pages of sentence prompts, extra writing pages, and even an envelope template.

I hope that you and your learners enjoy this unit and it makes your learning year a little easier and FUN!

You can download the free unit by clicking on the link under the image below. All I ask is that if you would like to share this unit, to please share the link to this blog, NOT the google drive link. Sharing the google link can slow down downloads for everyone. Thank you!

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