Thursday, March 30, 2023

Quebec History Mystery 21 Changes in Iroquoian Society 1500 and 1745


Quebec History Mystery 21 Changes in Iroquoian Society 1500 and 1745

It's the next History Mystery! This is the third-to-last unit in the Cycle 2 Elementary free program! Want the other units? Check out my history resources page or head to my Quebec Homeschool Helps blog.

In this unit, learners will compare Iroquoian life between 1500 and 1745. They'll explore changes in the population, territory, and daily life of the first peoples of Quebec.

As always these units come with a list of the progressions that are covered in them. In this unit, the progression under the competency 'Knowledge related to change in a society or territory' is used: Iroquoian society between 1500 and 1745.

This unit comes with only one QR code for research - and learners will need to so some serious detective work to solve the mystery questions! (But don't worry - the answers are simple to find!)

The comprehension questions in this unit will help cover the progressions and show your student's understanding of the changes in the society. Although the questions cover the basics, your learners might want to explore the site further and learn more - feel free to travel beyond the page and dig into learning! 

Learn Quebec also has made a really neat, free-to-print board game for describing changes in the Iroquoian society at this time! You can check it out here. It's a great way to reinforce what you've learned or use in place of worksheets if your kiddo isn't a fan. And remember - you could always answer the questions in these units orally with your learners - there is no need to always write everything down.

You can download this FREE unit by clicking on the link below. You may share the link to this blog to share the digital version of this unit, or you can share paper copies for FREE so long as my website address remains on the pages. Let's keep required learning simple and accessible to all. Thank you!
Download the free Quebec History Mystery here


  1. So well done! Do you have any more units available? Thank you

    1. Hi, thank you so much! You can find more history units on my history page. I will also be publishing more this summer for grades 5-6.

      You can also find many Quebec home school resources on my free resource page here, which I am currently working on building

      More units will be coming soon, I have just been taking a much needed break until summer 🌞

      Enjoy learning!