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Quebec Historical Expeditions Unit 2 - Quebec 1905

 Quebec Historical Expeditions Unit 2

Quebec 1905

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Ready for another historical expedition? This time your students will sail over to Quebec around the year 1905. They'll discover the land, the people, the customs and industry, and how it has all changed!

Whether you're a homeschooler or classroom teacher, this resource will make meeting the Quebec progressions of learning for History engaging, fun, and simple!

Google Slides Make Learning an Adventure!

In these digital versions of the units, the student will use their navigation compass to read and research everything they need to learn. It's easy to follow thanks to the compass page that guides kids on their 'expedition' into history. 

Each link corresponds to a response sheet that students will use to show their learning by typing it on Google Slides or writing on the printable version worksheet.

Digital or Printable Options

Every Quebec Historical Expedition unit comes with many options that you can mix and match to suit your learners best. There are printable versions of the texts that students use to research online. This means that you can have them do the research online themselves, OR you can choose to give them the texts on paper or projected onto a screen. There are also both digital and printable student response sheets where kids will get to show what they've learned. These are both perfect for portfolios and can be used with either digital or printable information texts.

Great Rewards for Great Work!

With every unit, students will receive a piece of a map - available in both digital or printable formats. You can choose to use this portion of the program or not, but I highly recommend it! Once they will have completed all 10 of these units for grades 5-6 history, they will complete their maps and have a great way to show everything they have learned.

The best part of this program is how flexible it is. You can choose to have students cover every single progression by completing every single slide, OR you can pick and choose which ones you'd like them to do - and delete the rest. For example, one of my own kids will be using this program this year - since she has already covered part of it, we will do a few pages of unit 1 for review and let her get her first map piece, then move on to the next unit. 

It's completely up to you how much or little they will do.

Progressions? Covered!

Following the Quebec Progressions of Learning for history and geography is a must whether you're a homeschooler or classroom teacher. So I have been sure to include a list of the progressions that each unit covers so you can be assured that you'll be covering them all!

Ready to Download?

I hope this unit will help you in your homeschool or classroom as much as it is helping me! You can download the free unit by clicking on the Google Drive link below. You'll find 4 files including everything I have mentioned above.

**You are free to use this unit in your homeschool, classroom, or digital classroom, so long as my website remains on each page and my credit pages remain in place. You may NOT sell this unit or distribute it for a fee - let's keep learning free and accessible for everyone!**

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