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Free Math Unit on Capacity - A Hands-On Math Unit

Free Math Unit on Capacity 

A Hands-On Math Unit

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Hands up if you are teaching a kiddo at home or in a classroom who doesn't do well with traditional math lessons! (I'm raising my own hand here!) While some kids do great with classic flat models and visuals in workbooks, other kids have trouble conceptualizing these things in real-life situations. Let's be honest too - most of the math we learned about measurement came from real-life experiences - house renovations, filling a pool, baking, etc. Even if you do have a child who learns well through workbooks, hands-on math lessons can be a great way to help them bring their math skills into the real world.

In this unit, kids will go beyond writing on a page with a hands-on lesson that teaches them about metric unit capacity. They'll measure, pour, search for items around the house or class, and do some thinking with the included questions. I made this unit with my own daughter in mind, and hope that it can help your kids or students too!

Teaching Capacity Through Hands-On Experiments and Thought-Provoking Questions

Math lessons can be fun too! This one can be done just like a typical elementary science experiment - more activity and thinking - less writing and seatwork. Included in this unit are anchor posters that will help you remind your learners of everything they've learned in the included lessons.

I've included two versions of these posters - one with a fun background and one with a plain white background for easier printing.

Scripted Lesson Plans Make Teaching Simple
Have you ever sat in front of a child to teach them a concept that you understand well - but have just not been able to explain it to them in kid-friendly terms? The included lesson plans make this simple!
The lesson plan tells you exactly what to do with your materials and your voice with scripted lessons.

This unit was written to be done as one longer lesson, but can definitely be broken down into shorter lessons over a few days. Feel free to adjust it to your and your learner's needs!

A Capacity HUNT and Discussion Questions
During the lesson, kids will go on a capacity hunt, hunting for containers around the home or classroom and describing their capacity. I've included a worksheet for them to use as a guide and to show what they worked on that day in math.

I've also included some thought questions or task cards that could be used as a class discussion, discussion in pairs, or even used along with a math journal for older students. 

Altogether, these resources make for a great lesson that will really give kids a great introduction to capacity and help them understand it on a more meaningful level. We want to raise critical math thinkers - not workbook tinkerers!

Download the FREE Unit Below!

You can download this free unit directly from my drive by clicking on the link below.
Please feel free to share a link to this blog post if you'd like to share this resource! You may also distribute paper copies, so long as my website name remains on every page, as per my terms.

Enjoy learning!!

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