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Free Quebec History Unit 3 For Grades 5-6 Quebec Around 1980

 Free Quebec History Unit 3 For Grades 5-6

Quebec Around 1980

Quebec Around 1980

The last unit to cover the first of 3 competencies in the Quebec History curriculum for grades 5-6 focuses on the province of Quebec around 1980. In this unit, students will explore the Quiet Revolution, the 1980 referendum, and more!

As always these units come with a TON of options to do them online, offline, or a mix of both.

Online Class Slides

With upper elementary students in grades 5 or 6, allowing them to complete some of their work independently online has so many benefits. They learn to do proper research, they learn to use the internet safely with your guidance, and they learn to close read texts on a computer screen - an important skill for many future jobs!

In these units, students will be given a 'compass' to explore Quebec society around 1980. These links have information that will help them cover all of the progressions of learning for the competency Knowledge Related to the Organization of a Society in its Territory - a requirement in Quebec whether you're homeschooling or a classroom teacher.

Comprehension question pages allow students to show what they have learned and prove that they did read the texts. Instead of using the online comprehension sheets, students could use the printable student booklet contained in the Google Drive folder if they prefer to write their answers by hand.

To download the Google slides, click on the link at the bottom of this page that says 'Quebec Historical Expeditions Unit 3 Google Slides' and click on 'make a copy' to make your own copy for personal or classroom use. From there you can make additional copies for all your learners or classes.

Printable Options

The printable options included allow you to use the unit completely offline, or customize however you'd like. You'll find a few options in the Google Drive Folder.
  • A printable text booklet with all of the information from the web pages for students who work offline
  • A printable student answer booklet to answer comprehension questions offline
  • A PDF version of the slides that can be used in a PDF editor to write in on a tablet
To download these options, head to the link below and click on 'Download Printable Options'

A Fun Component

I'm a big believer in gamified learning - where kids earn a reward for completing a task. I know that when I have something to do that I do not really look forward to - laundry let's say - I always like to think of something I can do afterward to reward myself, like listen to a podcast or make some fresh tea. We all feel a little more incentivized when we're given a perk! So in these units, I've included a fun way for kids to get rewarded - collecting map pieces.

Every unit comes with a unique piece that they add to their original master map. You can choose how many pages of a unit your learner must complete for them to collect the piece. Every piece shows what time period or subject they covered in history, so that by the end of these units they'll have a complete map to show off for their learning portfolios! Both printable and digital options have maps and map pieces.

Covering the Quebec Progressions of Learning

Whether you are a classroom teacher or a homeschooling parent, knowing that your learners have covered the progressions of learning is a must. As a big requirement in Quebec, it is something we all have to prove our students have learned. So I have made it really simple to keep track of this by listing the progressions in each digital and printable unit.

Want a free checklist of these progressions? Click here!

Download the Units Below!

To download these units, click on an option below - or both options! You have my permission to use these in your homeschool, co-op, school, or classroom so long as my website name remains on each page and my credit pages remain in the back of each printable or digital unit. If you would like to share these with a friend or on your website, please share a link TO THIS BLOG POST and not directly to Google Drive. Thank you!

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