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Free Phonics reading Program Unit 1 CVC Words -AT Word Family

 Free Phonics Reading Program 

Unit 1 CVC Words -AT Word Family

Teaching kids to read can feel downright daunting! whether you've been teaching for a while, are a homeschooling mom, or just beginning your teaching journey, it's a tricky skill to pass on. While we as adults may know how to read, how did we get here? How do we get our kids here? I'm happy to tell you that it is totally possible and you, yes you, can do it!

This first unit is part of a new free program I will be releasing over the coming year that will bring kids from knowing letter sounds to reading fluently! Read on below, or scroll down to the bottom to download it!

This unit includes everything you need to get started - all your kids need to know before starting are their letter sounds. They should know them well! 

This unit starts by teaching kids 5 high-frequency words (sight words, or heart words) as well as some words following the word family -at (like cat, bat, sat, etc.)Cards, posters, and sentence strips all have colored dots underneath them to help kids learn to slow down and sound their words out. Have your littles point to each dot using their finger or a pointing stick as they read the word. They may need to sound it out quite a few times before they realize what the word says. 

I do give a teaching plan in this unit as a suggestion. I suggest starting with just the word cards (without pictures) so students focus on the words instead of just guessing.

I've included two versions of sentence reading activities using the high-frequency words and word family words. You'll find a sentence strip version using only words, as well as a picture version showing visuals. It's up to you to decide how to use them and in which order depending on your curriculum needs or goals.

I have included a few centers as well that are great for extra practice sounding out these words. These can be used in groups or as an individual activity and are a great way to move around while learning. These can be used throughout the week for class-time practice.

You'll also find some great worksheets for every day of the week to practice both word family words and high-frequency words. These are great to do during learning time or as homework practice. Kids always love the fun clipart on many of these too!

I always recommend reviewing these sheets together once the kids have completed them. It's a great way to gauge whether or not everyone understands how to sound out the words and what they mean.

You may also wish to use the write-a-sentence page at the end of the week, having your kids use the word cards to build sentences. They then write and illustrate them. There is also a dictation page included if you'd like to dictate a sentence.

Download the Free Phonics Unit Below

You can download this free unit by clicking on the link below and pressing the download button in the top right corner of your screen. 

**You may share this resource for FREE with others so long as my website name remains on every page. You may NOT resell this resource in any way. If you'd like to share this with others, please send them to this blog, not the Google Drive page. Thank You <3**

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