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Free Intermediate French Writing Unit - After School I like to

 Free Intermediate French Writing Unit 

After School, I like to

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Writing is an important part of language development, especially for second-language learners. Multiple studies have shown that the more something is written down by hand, the easier it is to commit to memory. That's why I consider writing in French such an important part of our school day.

As my kids have grown from writing simple sentences into writing paragraphs and papers, I have found that they still need vocabulary refreshers and reminders to help them along. That's why I started making these French writing units for more intermediate-level FSL learners. 

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Planning Pages

Planning is such an important part of writing, It allows us to get our ideas down without being bogged down by grammar rules, sentence structure and spelling. I included a drawing page in this unit so that students can plan out the words and phrases they'll use through drawing and labelling before writing anything. This could be used at the beginning of the week while you review important vocabulary. 

You might want to give students an idea of how much they should write by saying they need, for example, at least 3 things they like to do after school. You could also require them to expand on why they like those things if their writing is up to that level.

French Vocabulary and Sentence Stems

As I mentioned earlier, FSL students often need quick refreshers of vocabulary and phrases, even in the intermediate writing stage. Reviewing the words and phrases included in the units will not only help students review vocabulary words and verb tenses but also give them ideas and inspiration for their paper.

If they have French writing notebooks, these could be pasted in there, allowing them to add to the vocabulary list by using their French dictionaries or translation apps.

French Writing Pages

Finally, after getting all their ideas down students can begin to write their papers. They can look at the sentence stems page to help them begin writing, and make a rough draft, then good copy. Of course, they can also add ideas in the rough draft stage if they think of new ones!

Download the Free French Writing Unit Below!

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